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4 Minutes US Radio Update

From Boston - thanks to *Mathias*:
Tonight (Monday 24 March), on KISS 108 FM Boston, Madonna and Justin topped the 'Hot 7 at 7' countdown!

10 minutes prior to that, I heard 4 Minutes on another station - 104.5 WXLO Fitchburg-Worcester.
Here are some DJ's to e-mail from that particular station for Madonna requests:,,,,,,

From Fort Lauderdale - thanks to aabreuu:
Just to let you know that 4 Minutes made it to the #1 spot in y100 Top 20 Countdown today here in the Miami Fort Lauderdale area....even the DJ said 'I dont know how but she is already #1 in a week'. I been requesting the song all the time. y100 is a clear channel station here in this can go to

From Houston - thanks to Stephen:
Houston's new station HOT 95.7 KHJZ is playing Madonna's new single pretty regularly - keep texting to 43952 or log in to vote - every hour (the top of the hour) they play the most requested song. Keep voting!

I did request 4 Minutes on Houston's mainstay 104krbe on Friday night and they played it finally! But, they haven't played it since Friday 21 March 21. Keep requesting Houston - call 104krbe at 713-390-krbe or text to 37530.

From New York City - thanks to PRCHULO78:
HOT 97, NYC's biggest Hip Hop and R&B station has played Madonna's 4 minutes. This is huge!
They have also added her to the request line. Calling all NY metro area fans - please text your request to 75759 or call 1-800-223-9797 or fax 212-924-4442 or email
This would definitely help '4 Minutes' reach even higher status. Remember, this is only week #2 and we need to continue full and heavy support to reach #1.

Also, it is very important to continue requesting on Z100 by texting your request to 55100 or calling 800-242-0100. You can also go to and click on the ON AIR tab and select INTERACTIVE 9 at 9. She reamined at #7 on tonight's (Monday 24 March) show.

Lastly, KTU, NY's dance station, needs your continued requests as well. Please call 800-245-1035.

Remember, we are the voice and only we can help dictate. Just because the #'s are looking good after week 1, doesn't mean we need to stop.

Sirius Satelite Radio - thanks to Jason and Peter:
Sirius Satellite radio listeners (and those who just want to help) can go to: and vote for 4 Minutes in the 'Vote for your favorite Hit Bound song' box.


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Re: Houston's 104krbe ... they are an anti-Madonna station. They will not play any of her singles (past or present) except for "Don't Tell Me" which they do throw on every once in a while. 104KRBE is not worth the effort.


Last time Madonna was on Ellen she made her tour announcement. There is a good chance she may do this again. :)

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