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download charts are issued on a wednesday. maybe that has swomething to do with.


The Official UK Charts Company have corrected their chart to match the BBCs.


I don't understand how 4 Mins can be in the charts from downloads when it's not in the download chart?!

4 Minutes is not in any of the charts that are compiled by The Official UK Charts Company who provide the BBC with chart details.





Number 7 is great for a song which only had one day's airplay before being released on download.

61 top ten's
59 solo top ten's
56 top ten's (excludes reissues and duets)


I agree with you Johnboy; the media are just being stupid! They deliberately comment on her entry without giving the accurate facts: she enters the top 10 on the strengh of download sales alone, following her first week of radio airplay and still with the video to be aired. If this charts position ain't that impressive to anyone who's at least interested in Music charts , well I may come from another planet...


First love the new banner at top ; )
This is great news for Madonna , but i wish how TV would stop saying how bad she had done coming in at #7 ....this is downloads only people ...not released yet which is fantastic ; )


I dont like to be picky, but I count this as her 61st top ten. They only reason I assume we habe a discrepancy is due to Me Against The Music, but if we are counting 4 Minutes, then I think MATM should also be included. Plus 61 sounds better than 60 - the reason I needed to point this out. Cheers. x

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