Hard Candy tracklisting revealed

World's media interview Madonna

Some of the world's media have been descending on Los Angeles this week to listen to Hard Candy and interview Madonna. Although many of the interviews will not be broadcast or published until the release of the album in April one reporter from Radio 538 in Holland has given some information away:

Daphne Bunskoek from Radio 538 said she'd just been talking to Madonna and the interview only lasted for about 15 minutes and Madonna seemed tired.
Daphne thought she was stopped earlier than expected due to some silly questions, she was told not to ask questions about Britney Spears.
Madonna seemed very reserved, but she was friendly, but mentioned she only wanted to discuss the new album.
The interview will be broadcast on RTL 4 in the middle of April when the album is due for release in Holland.
Daphne was very impressed with Madonna's beauty and how small she was.
She also spoke to Madonna on her Live Nation contract. Madonna did not want to hear anything about the fact that she would be 60 when the contract will end.
Daphne said she had listenend to the album and that it was amazing but that there was a definite Madonna touch.

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she isn't 60 but she is 50 very bad typing error lol. No wonder she wasn't very happy talking about it


'Impressed with how SMALL she was?'
Someones easily pleased.
I wonder if she was also impressed that Madonna had legs.

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