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Madonna arrives in Los Angeles


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Hollywood Glamour would be nice. I'd like her to do something in the same style of the opening section of the Confessions tour. I really like this section, it's so arty and visuallu aesthetic with its dark and edgy vibe and its subtle sexual innuendos...


I would like to see her as Hollywood Glamor or maybe something new like London Glamor or Paris Glamor. She would look great in her tour no matter what theme she comes with. she finds ways to shock us and keep us like WOW! That's what I enjoy about her and also her good music already and the one comming.

Elden Lucero

I would like to see either an early 80's breakdance sequence or maybe a futuristic update of breakdancing!!


Madonna will do what she always does in her next tour. She will intrigue us, excite us and make us dance! Hopefully some of us will also think about the world around us and how we can be "better people than we were before", in Her Madgesty's words from "I'm Going To Tell You A Secret".

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