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More on the Danja collaboration

The The Rhapsody Editorial Music Blog has published a new interview with Danja, which included a couple of questions about his work on Madonna's new album:

Are you still working on Madonna's album?
Actually Madonna is finished. Me and Tim did four or five (songs) together. He also did three more with a new producer, Hannon, out of Virginia. Then Pharrell did the rest. So it’s like a Virginia-produced album. I’m actually kind of proud of that. Even though me and Tim and Pharrell didn’t work together, just for us to completely conquer an artist such as Madonna....I’m good. Either way, whether we got a single or (Pharrell) got a single, Virginia got a (Madonna) single.

What was the vibe like?
She was cool. She had a dark sense of humor that I can’t explain. She might just say something crazy that you might feel is out of line. But it’s not. It’s just her sense of humor. She was in the studio chilling with us, being open and the whole nine. With any session when you don’t know somebody, the first session is the hardest. You gotta break the ice, but after that initial session, it was all good. Another person that I worked with, Mariah, was really cool and so down to earth.


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