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Radio DJ Sonia Kruger from Australian radio station MIX 106.5 had the chance to listen to the new Madonna Album Hard Candy in Los Angeles just before she interviewed Madonna. Sonia published the full tracklist on her blog here.

As I write I’m in between having just listened to Madonna’s yet-to-be-released album and actually interviewing her. I quite enjoyed the new album - lots of songs that are relationship-based and there’s this one particular track which is a classic dance track.
The first single '4 Minutes' has a great marching band feel to it – loved it! All the tracks have fantastic energy and there’s not a single track on the album that’s not a winner - brilliant stuff. The single will be released in late March and the album hits stores on the 29th of April.

Fans shouldn't panic - the release date on the tracklisting sheet is an error (I hope) - we certainly don't want to have to wait until 2009 for the album!

Thanks to Micheal


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As for the "2":

I think its just too "trying to be hip" and not enough of the "classy but rockin" attitude we know Madonna as. The Beatles would never use "2", Led Zeppelin didn't either, and Bach certainly didn't. I just, personally, see the use of "2" in place of "to" or "@" in place of "at" or any other shortening thing dates the track, like using "groovy" or "rad" makes you think of a certain time period, whereas "Got To Get You Into My Life" or "Hey Jude" or "Blackbird" are timeless.

I REALLY DO think that Madonna is above that. She's a serious artist that will go down history, same as her music. I'll bet in ten years when the fad of "2" and "@" and spelling "kool" and "dirrty" go out of style, re-issues will be labled "Give It To Me" and not "Give It 2 Me".

For me, every bit of an album has to be perfect, from cover art to track titles to the refrain...basically, I would NEVER use "2" in my songs.


that has to be an error cuz why would she be ready to promote the CD if it is over a year over prior to release. we can rest assure it will be in out next month competing with the new releases from Janet, Mariah, Kylie and hopefully Whitney. Its the year of the divas!


I JUST CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR THE WHOLE ALBUM!!!!:) Personally I think the songs, 'The Beat Goes On,Miles Away and Dance Tonite' there will be great hits!!! I wonder if there any LOVE SONGS on this album?


In regards to the "2"...isn't the name of Timberland's song with Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake "Give It To Me"? Maybe the "2" is meant as a differentiation. Just a thought...


Jen, you realize there may be a reason for the 2 in the song, right?


Can't wait anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What does class have to do with using 2 in place of -to-? Prince has done it for his whole career.


Too bad they screwed up the release date, I'm assuming we don't really have to wait until April 28, 2009, right?!! :O)


Anybody notice the release date is in "2009"? A typo, obviously, but funny to note. I'm not impressed by the title "Give It 2 Me" just because of the "2" replacing the word "to"...Madonna is above that, me thinks, classier than that....but I'm sure it's a fantastic song all the same.


Wow 12 tracks i bet all of them are going to be a hit!!!
I can't wait to buy the Album when it comes out at the end of April.
Is there any where else i could get the Album earlier perhaps download, no that's illegal,i'm only joking!! HA!! HA!! HA!!
I wonder what the second single will be from the Album?????
We'll have to keep our fingers cross and wait and see.
Go girl GO Girl!!!!!



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