More edgy, more fresh - with no more disco
'Yeah, that's what I hear!


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Shakira being in it pretty much ruins it for me, sorry, she's way to random, doesn't fit in, maybe Aguilera would, though the images don't bother me really.


IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I can't believe they didn't put Madonna first....but I guess they saved the best for last :)


Er... To tell you the truth, I found this commercial pretty mediocre.
I was expecting something like that GAP commercial with Audrey Hepburn; with more special effects and "expensive" looking.
They are using the image of 3 huge stars, but basically the whole commercial is just a collage of images put together...


this campaign is really kind of lame and doesnt make alot of sense. the contest is vague and i would never think of marilyn or shakira as artists defined by changing. MM always looked the same and shakira's hair is a mess. the whole thing shouldve been just with madonna. im surprised she aligned herself with it and the clips they use of her are all the same era.

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