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Rumours: Madonna for the Superbowl?

Madonna and Paula Abdul could perform live in Fox's Super Bowl telecast on February 3, as part of the pregame musical festivities, according to rumours by some Internet sites.
The network already announced that Tom Petty is headlining the halftime show, but it also added that other guests could be added as the date nears.
The sources said Abdul is rehearsing a music video for a duet with fellow American Idol judge Randy Jackson, which will be the first single off Jackson's upcoming album, Music Club Vol. 1, and that if she does agree to perform at the Super Bowl, Abdul would likely incorporate choreography from that video in her Super Bowl act.
As to Madonna, it is said she plans to debut her new single, '4 Minutes to Save the World,' from her highly anticipated upcoming album, which features Justin Timberlake and Timbaland.
In 1999, the Queen of Pop was supposed to premiere her version of Don McLean's classic 'American Pie,' but her busy schedule forced her to cancel her performance. 'I am sorry that I will not be able to join all the great entertainers who will be performing on Super Bowl Sunday. My sincere apologies to the NFL, ABC-TV, as well as my fans. I look forward to the possibility of doing something with the NFL in the future,' stated Madonna at that time.

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wow me encantaria que la reina madonna estuviera en el superbowl,
Gracias Dios!


It would be more appropiate and logical that she premiere the video to "4 Minutes..." on the telecast. I can't imagine Madonna performing amongst the likes of Paula Abdul and Tom Petty. It would be better to showcase the song and forthcoming album through a video television premiere rather then performing it to an audience of high testorone drunken fools. Besides, since Janet Jackson's performance a few years back, the producers of the show have gone with a more of a safe family value type performer. I know Madonna is not as wild as she used to be but i don't think they would see her as a safe choice.


I'm all for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Super Bowl would be amazing however I am shuddering at the thought of having Timberland dressed in black complete with black sunglasses on stage with Madonna (or in her video clips) ... surely I'm not the only person who thinks Madonna is way above the ranks of Timberland, Kanye, Justin and the other people she is collaborating with on her name album.


there is NO way Madonna would do the superbowl. There is a ton of free pr press in just "entertaining" the thought, I'm sure she'll be "too busy" this time around as well.


I know what you mean Social Citizen. I wonder whether it's the reason why M only had the opportunity to do it in 2000...I assume that the image most people had from M before didn't match with the nature of a such big national event, thinking about the backlash Janet Jackson received for a minor wardrobe accident!


Wow! If it's true, I really hope she will do it! I was quite disappointed that she wasn't able to do the Superbowl in 2000. Wondered why it took so long to get her doing this such big event...I just think she's going to be awesome and what her orginal way to premiere the new single! But won't be suprise that it's only a rumor...

Social Citizen

Eh, I'm not too sure how I feel about this. I kinda think it would be an audience that doesn't necessarily appreciate Madonna. However, it would certainly be a great opportunity for her to promote her new material.

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