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More edgy, more fresh - with no more disco

Madonna’s stylist, who goes by the name of B., was also in the audience (at the Chanel Couture show). Having just wrapped up working on Madonna’s next album cover, shot by Steven Klein, the trendsetter said she was returning to London the next day to style a music video featuring Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. 'Madonna’s look is going to be more edgy, more fresh - with no more disco,' she said.



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ill be your one stop(onestop) candy shop (candy shop)
and the beat goes on
those songs grow on me.. i like em
and the haunting If you forget me,,I love that..if little by little you stop loving me ill stop loving you little by little...
NO!! I wont stop loving you madonna your awsome. anyway..peace love have an M day.


Hey guys, give faith and credits to the Queen! I understand what you mean about the idea of M collaborating with Timbaland, Pharrell etc. And perhaps, she's trying to get "hot" on the R&B market..perhaps not. Let's not forget that she worked with the hottest R&B producers at the time for Bedtime Stories and she came out with a great album...She seems to have an idea in mind and wants to work with the best people around, famous or not, to come out with the music she wants now...I'm very intrigued by the whole timbaland thing but I have the feeling she's going to amaze once again!


I'm looking forward to seeing her new style too! I'm quite curioys actually. I'd like to see her to go back Brunnette. She looks great with dark hair...But would that mean that she goes all serious and reflective suc as in Like A Prayer and American Life...


I think it is great that Madonna is working with people well known in America. I think that we are going to see something new, which lets face it.....this is gonna be new for her. Lets send all the positivity we can her way!!! Im too excited to measure.


Madonna is NOT jumping on a bandwagon. All she is doing is giving her new hip/hop sound the full treatment as she did with dance music on COADF. WHen she does something, she does it right. THat's why she is respected. Madonna always makes authentic sounding music no matter what style she is doing at the time.


all I can say is that I am truely a fan and I know she's not falling into 'what's hot at the moment' because she has always been so far ahead of everyone else, she always delivers both by sound and image and she is being very generous with her limelight to those who truely deserve it! So good for Justin and good for Timberland, only those who work as hard as Madonna get to play just as hard with her too! Maybe one day she'll pick me :) love and light to everyone!


Can't wait to see her new style! :)
One of the things I always look forward (besides her new music) is to see what kind of style she's going to bring.
My guess is that she's going to go brunette (or light brown) this time... but who knows?
I LOVE the brunette Madonna... I'm sort of tired of the blonde already.

Madonna's old beauty spot





Why is Madonna doing music and video with these 2 guys? Sounds like she's jumping on the wagon just like other artists such as Duran Duran, Ashley Simpson just to be hip and relevant in today music. Don't get me wrong. I love Madonna and I am a fan. And I have listened to the 2 leaked songs (Candy Shop & The Beat Goes On) and I have to say I wasn't too impressed. She was once a pioneer in creating new and fresh music (Vogue, Ray of Light, Like A Virgin, Justify My Love, Don't Tell Me to name a few), now she's following "what's hot at the moment"??? Having said that, I will still buy her new album because after all I am a fan.


I don't know if i can possibly contain my excitement much longer =]


I thought madonnas stylist is Arian Phillips????


Ugh, I HATE having Timbaland plastered all over a video. He does that with every artist just because he produced their track.

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