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Madonna is symbol of 'modern womanhood'

Madonna is a symbol of 'modern womanhood', according to Donatella Versace.
The 'Hung Up' star is branded a 'true icon' by the famous fashion designer.
Versace said, 'The word 'icon' is overused, but in the case of Madonna I believe it has some meaning. She is a true icon. She has become a symbol of modern womanhood - confident, ambitious, dynamic, constantly reinventing herself.'
'In 2005 Versace was involved in a process of reinvention with me, a blonde woman, at its helm, so I thought it would be appropriate to have Madonna as the representative of the brand.'
'She is also a friend of mine and my late brother Gianni so there is a sense in which she symbolised the way in which Versace was staying true to its DNA, while evolving for the 21st century.'
Madonna was the face of Versace's Spring/Summer range in 2005.



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This quote is two to three years old it seems to me....I remember reading at the time Versace announced M would be the face of their New Spring Collection in 2005...Like the way Donatella has portrayed her! She's never pretended wanting to be a role model, she's wanted to do her thing the way she thinks and wants to do it. She's encouraged people to be themselves, to chase their dreams whatever they are, and not necessarily to to be a pop star! That's why she's for me a true inspiration to people.


i totally agree. She is a great rolemodel 4 every1.i love her fasion ranges and her chamelion sense of style, she must have an outfit perfectly suited for every occasion.


She is a model for women, young and old, everywhere! Not just for her fashion sense (although she is a great dresser!), but for her high ethics, morals and humanity.

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