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Timbaland plays 4 Minutes to Save the World

A track from Madonna's new album was given its world debut when Timbaland played it at a ball.
The producer unveiled his collaboration with Madonna and Justin Timberlake, called '4 Minutes To Save The World', during a DJ spot at last night's Jingle Ball in Philadelphia.
The song is believed to be the lead single on the pop icon's forthcoming eleventh album.
The LP - her first since 2005's Confessions On A Dancefloor - will also feature Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, fuelling speculation that it will be strongly influenced by hip-hop. Two other songs, 'Candy Shop' and 'The Beat Goes On', have already been leaked online.

From Digital Spy

Celebrity gossip site put the clip online, but had to immediately remove it, and other clips of the song that appeared on have also been removed at the request of Warner Music Group.
However most fans that heard the track before it was removed are very excited by the track, and cannot wait to hear the full version of the song!