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The mates taking on Madonna

Meet Madonna's competition at the Grammys – two mates from Sydney who thought the fruits of their labour were dead and buried.
Dean Bates and Reuben Field scored a nod last week for music's most prestigious award for their DVD showcasing Cuban rap music, Liberacion – The Songs of the New Cuban Underground.
The nomination in the category of 'Best Longform Music Video' pits them against the DVD of Madonna's Confessions tour and R&B megastar R. Kelly. It also makes them the only Australians in this year's awards.
'You can't believe that you're up against someone like Madonna,' said Bates, the producer half of the duo's small Darlinghurst film company, Starchild Productions.
Field, the director, said: 'As far as we knew the project vanished, fell off the face of the Earth 18 months ago. We hadn't heard a word about how it went in the US. It was literally dead and buried.'
Then Chris Murphy – the former INXS manager who shot more than 100 hours of footage in Cuba before handing it to Bates and Field to make into a film – rang with the incredible news.
The DVD explores the strange world of 'Reggaeton', a strain of music invented by Cubans listening to rap music on Miami radio using illegal long distance antennae.
Now the pair will jetting to Los Angeles in February for the Grammy Awards ceremony.
'We're not expecting to win since we weren't expecting to be nominated,' Field joked.



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Best of luck, dudes. That's a pretty fierce Madonna concert.

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