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Madonna, family speak to baby in three languages

Pop superstar Madonna's family speaks to adopted baby David Banda in three languages.
Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie speak to him in English, her daughter Lourdes speaks to him in French and the family have classes in the Malawian tongue Chichewa, reports. As a result, he has started talking in a strange combination of the three, answering 'Oui, oiu' to most things.
The couple use the few Chichewa words they know which includes mummy, daddy and hello and occasionally Madonna sings a Chichewa lullaby she knows as Ritchie plays a guitar piece to it.
A source said: 'David constantly wants his mum to hold him, asks for kisses, smiles and seems extremely attached to Madonna. She is completely ga ga over him.'


Madonna's new look

Newsflash: Madonna has of late been seen out more often than not in her regulation Adidas tracksuits, dark shades and neglected roots.
However, she wowed us on the red carpet this weekend as she and husband Guy Richie hosted a screening of his movie Revolver in New York.
Dressed in Dolce and Gabbana it seems her Madgesty has had a new hair do. A glossy polished 1920's flapper inspired, girlie curly bob that we just love. We don't see Madonna dress up a lot anymore....but when she does she still gets it really right.
We suggest you steal her style, bin your GHD's and give this look a try this Christmas party season.


Guy: Madonna knows best

British director Guy Ritchie is happy to let his wife Madonna give him career advice - because she always knows best.
The 39-year-old filmmaker has re-edited his 2005 movie Revolver after reviews in the U.K. criticised it as overly long and complicated. And Ritchie insists the singer - whom he married in 2000 - knew exactly how to improve the film.
He tells New York Daily News, 'We made it shorter and tried to make it simpler. Funnily enough, we took out the bits that my wife recommended we take out the first time she saw it.' Revolver was released in the U.K. in 2005 and the new edited version of the movie - which stars Jason Statham and Ray Liotta - can be seen in the U.S. from 7 December.


Madonna and Guy's 'date night'

Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie heated up with New York night at the premiere of his crime drama 'Revolver,' and 'Extra' was along for their big date.
'We haven't been away from the kids in a while,' Guy confessed to 'Extra.'
Added Madonna, 'Yeah, so it’s a date.'
Madonna joined Guy for his big premiere, but when Guy tried to explain the title, Madonna had a little fun with him.
'It’s the revolving door – of your ego!' she joked. 'Sorry, I’ll shut up now.'
Glammed out in Dolce & Gabbana, Madonna also revealed she and Guy might expand their family of five.
'Maybe,' she said. 'You never know.'
Meanwhile, Mrs. Ritchie is bugging her husband to make a family movie for once. Guy has made action-packed thrillers 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' and 'Snatch.'
'My kids really want to go to one of his movies,' she said, turning to Guy. 'Can you hurry up please? Rocco complained that you don't make movies that kids can watch!'
But Madonna loves 'Revolver,' which hits theaters Friday, and even visited Guy on set.
'I did. He doesn’t invite me very often, you know why? Because during the lunch hour they always wrestle!' she said. 'It’s a gentleman’s club, the set of Guy’s movies.'
Madge also filled 'Extra' in on her holiday plans.
'We’re going far, far away,' she winked. 'It’s the only hint I’m giving you.'

You can view Madonna and Guy's interview at

Q&A With The Ritchies

When Madonna and Guy Ritchie walk down a red carpet, there’s almost nothing people don’t ask.
What did she first notice about Guy?
'I found him very sexy because he looked like he’d just gotten into a fist fight.'
What has she taught him about fashion?
'Not to wear the same dresses as her,' deadpanned her husband.
What books have they been reading?
'The Year of Magical Thinking,' by Joan Didion,' said the wife.
What’s their son David doing now?
'Eating,' said the husband.
Is marriage difficult?
'It’s a juggling act. A true juggling act' she said.
Hillary or Obama?
'Hillary,' said his wife.
'Because I’ve gotta support the girls,' she said. 'And because I’m a big fan of the Clintons.'

At a certain point, the questions seemed mainly to be hitting Madonna, even if it was the U.S. premiere of his movie, 'Revolver.'
Had she watched lots of gangster movies before she shacked up with the man who’s sometimes been described as the British version of Quentin Tarantino?
'Well, I worship 'The Godfather' Pt. I and II,' she said. 'And we watched a lot of gangster movies together. But none were as good as his.'
After the Cinema Society and Piaget’s screening of the film at the Tribeca Grand, guests like Sarah Jessica Parker, Steven Klein, Ingrid Casares, Alex Rodriguez and Donna Karan headed out to The Gramercy Park Hotel, where the party went 'til around midnight.

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Christmas isn't cancelled in the Ritchie household

Despite previously saying they won't be celebrating Christmas Madonna's husband Guy Ritchie has said they will be marking the occasion.
Celebrity Kabbalahists Madonna and Guy Ritchie will be celebrating Christmas after all the Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels director has told a US TV channel. Though it'll be a small affair for the pair's three children by anyone's standards, strictly three presents each. 'So by the time they get to the third present they’ve had their sugar hit. As long as the kids get three presents at Christmas, everyone’s being happy.'
He also explained that they don't celebrate Hanukkah, because they haven't converted to Judaism even though they study the Jewish based faith Kabbalah. 'I have not converted to Judaism and neither has my wife.'


Desperately Seeking Susan closes early

The West End stage version of Madonna's 1985 film Desperately Seeking Susan is to close after just two months due to poor ticket sales.
Producers have announced that the show, which was dubbed 'Desperately Avoiding Closure' by some critics, will give its final performance on December 15.
Madonna made her acting debut in the original movie about a woman who gets amnesia and is mistaken for the wrong person in New York.
The stage version, which features the music of Blondie, stars Emma Williams as Susan and Kelly Price as Roberta Glass, the role made famous by Rosanna Arquette.
In a statement producers said: 'Despite fantastic performances and enthusiastic audiences, the ticket sales have not been sufficient and we have had to make the difficult decision to close the show.'
They added: 'The producers wish to thank the talented cast, creative team and company for all their hard work and dedication to this production.'

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Madonna's new song 'so hot'

Madonna's new song with Pharrell Williams is so 'hot' it will 'make the music speakers bleed'.
The 'Hung Up' singer has been in the studio with hit producer Pharrell creating tracks for her upcoming album, and he claims their collaboration will take the music industry by storm.
Speaking at the launch of his new shop Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream in New York on Wednesday, Pharrell said:
'It was crazy. I don't want to say too much. I'd rather wait for you to hear it. It's awesome though. It makes the speakers bleed. It's hot!'
Earlier this month, it was reported Pharrell had been recording with the 49-year-old singer at Record Plant Studios in Los Angeles.
The pair reportedly bumped into Kanye West, who was working with Michael Jackson in a studio next-door, inspiring the hip-hop star to rap on one of Madonna's new songs.
Last month, Madonna signed a $120 million, 10-year record deal with Live Nation Inc. and plans to release her first studio album with the label early next year.
Also set to feature on the hotly-anticipated LP are star producer Timbaland and 'SexyBack' singer Justin Timberlake. 

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