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Madonna plans to overtake Presley's record

Pop superstar Madonna has come up with a plan to overtake rock legend Elvis Presley's record of producing Britain's maximum no. 1 hits.
Thesun.co.uk reports that she plans to re-release all her big hits as downloads this year to celebrate her 50th birthday. The move might upset her former label Warner because they want to make the most of her previous catalogue before she leaves them.

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For god sake

Madonna hasn't had a number 1 in AMERICA since 2000.Yet every other country she has.Hung Up and Sorry were both number 1 singles worldwide.Hung Up is now considered one of the most successful singles of all time.

Also i america you might want to take a long at how long Take A Bow stayed at number 1

as for Mariah....she does well in the states and average in every other country.Here in the UK a new Mariah single is not seen as a big deal, normally with the exception of a few they dont chart well.And the womans music is bland bland bland.


Madonna, Is the queen of the universe. All her works have something very especial in them, waiting to be decoded. She rules. As far as I am concerned she has long surpassed the rest. Her older works sound as fresh, energetic and uplifting today as the very first time. If there was ever any Goddess, then Madonna is it. Her album Confession on the Dance Floor as well as Hung Up, went to number one in 41 countries nearly a quarter of a century after she stepped onto MTV stage in that wedding dress. Who could ever do that but Madonna. The Dutch NRC, called her “more famous than God”. So those who say that this generation doesn’t know Madonna are just outright liars who are just jealous of her MaDjesty, her impact on the world as well as her vision. Madonna is not only a Musical Visionary, but also a all around CULTURAL VISIONARY. Justine Timberlake summed it up correctly. “She is Madonna”. Great going Madonna; Keep it up for INSPIRATION.


just a question :
can an has been artist go to number one in more than 30 country ?
can an has been artis be number one with a single for 17 weeks ?
and then who cares ? the most important thing
is listening to her music and see her concerts.


Miguel: Wake up! Young people nowadays do not even know who Madonna is. No cool kid would want to be caught dead listening or admiring a 50 year old has-been from the 80s.


I´m surprised someone here said she won´t make it to the charts cos it´s not the 80´s anymore and young people are not into her anymore. Come on!!! She was the most important artist of the 90´s too, and her album Confesssions on a Dancefloor was the most played in every radio, her songs the most requested and her tour the most seen. She´s obviously the favourite one amongst the young people these days. Madonna is still MADONNA and the others are just...the others. The last 3 years was the most succesfull years of her carrer, and with her last album she accomplished more than anything she did in the 80´s.



what about Hung Up? where did that chart?

You are also talking about the states where musical taste is erm questionable nowadays, what about every other country, where did she chart there.



Madonnas Confessions album went to Number 1 in america, Hung Up went in to the top 10 (all the other singles did huge business in the dance charts, a much edgier chart than the billboard 100)

So where is this whole "she wont do well in america agin" coming from??

Yes shes not as big there as she was in the charts, but like many giants in the industry she has become an album and touring artist and kicks arse in that arena.

On top of that, the world knows the US have little taste or creative out put when it comes to music (Rap, Rnb Zzzzzz) so im sure she doesn't loose much sleep that her singles aren't doing as well there when her albums are still hitting number 1.

The Confessions album went to number 1 in over 40 countries, Hung Up was one of the biggest selling singles of the year, Sorry won the bloody Ivor Novello award etc etc etc


WHO cares about who sells more records? Madonna's not about selling records. That is why she left her RECORD label for a Tour Promoting company.
Sellings records is so yesterday and she just made the move. Watch as other stars will follow her. But I have to admit, the new business model will make big stars even bigger, crushing smaller stars. Madonna made more money out of her confessions tour than her confessions album, think about that.


For Paul I want remember you that US is not the only country in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
althought she may be not so hot in "america"
she remains the nuber one artist all over the world. Not so bad !
she is the only female artist that does not cancels shows because of poor sales........
just the contrary ! she always has to add sohws !don't tell this to mariah carey !
and talking about other pop star : it's me or the last albums of B. Spears, avril lavigne, etc etc.... haven't sold much more than madonna 's ones.


I love this site thanks 4 lets us leave comments! I really think she should just have a greatest hits package instead of this download business! I would be a better idea! And I do not think M will beat Elvis.........not going to happen! I still love her though?


I don't belive this, it's something Madonna wouldn't do.


Firstly I doubt that M would do that kind of Michael-Jackson-Money-Making, it's really terrible.

Secondly, the report was talking about "Elvis Presley's record of producing Britain's maximum no. 1 hits", so S T O P slagging about her misfires in the Billboard charts. Outside the US, she is the most relevant pop star, and scored four #1 hits in the 2000s WITHOUT being a teen slut like Britney.

Happy New Year, btw


Matt, most of Madonna's records/accomplishments haven't been "surpassed" by the younger artists, it's just that in America particularly, the masses have no taste and to add fuel to that fire, they want something new every 5 minutes. Hardly anyone from 10 years ago, let alone 25 years ago is even still around and if they are, they're not selling anywhere near what they used to. Madonna is a legend and a top notch entertainer. The evidence may not be on the charts, but it's definitely in the mega-arenas that sell out when she goes on tour.


"THIS NEXT ALBUM IS GOING TO BLOW ALL THE OTHER ARTIST OUT OF THE WATER.........." yeah, in Imaginationland. Madonna can't even crack the Hot 100. In this day and age, it's the Rihannas, the Alicia Keyses, the Nelly Furtados, the Mariah Careys who rule the charts. Nobody buys Madonna records anmore.


So after almost 30 years.... she has no influence in popular culture. There has been no artist that released top 10 singles or 1's all their career and incase you guys don't know but most of the time the record labels were paying radio to play their artists music hmmm Mariah Carey and JLO. Honestly she doesn't have to prove how relevant she is from charts since she has already been there done that. She has made her mark in pop culture and she should continue to make music... so the 80's 90's 00's ... we still need her or we would have to resort to Britney


Sounds like a bullshit story to me.


I don't think Madonna will ever make it again on the charts. It's no longer the 80s, the music scene has changed a lot and many younger and newer acts have surpassed her past accomplishments. It's all over for her.


Come on you guys...and we're all supposed to be Madonna fans? Do any of you guys honestly think that MADONNA would go back and "re-use" her old stuff for a way to make it to the top, numbers wise?

I obviously don't know her personally but judging from her career moves, she's not the type to go back and feed off of her older hits for a chart comeback.

I don't think so. And you guys shouldn't either.

This is bluff :)


I don´t know what 3-Nah is talking about. I don´t think there´s any doubt that Madonna is today´s most succesful singer all over the world, and her records and song are more sold than Britney´s, Christina´s and Beyonce´s all together.
Hard for her?? I don´t think so, she just has to sneeze on a beatbox to have the hit of the year!!! Confessions on a Dancefloor wa sone of her most succesfulrecords, ¨Hung Up¨ was number one in most of the radios all over the world for weeks.


Hi Ivars -- it was me, NOT poor Billy, who made the comment that "the woman already finds it difficult to reach even the Hot 100." What was I talking about? The Billboard Hot 100. There are numerous other charts, but I was talking about the Billboard Hot 100, which is THE gauge of the most popular songs in pop music. And yes, "Hung Up" and "Sorry" do ring a bell for me -- these singles did make it to the Billboard Hot 100: "Hung Up" at 7 and "Sorry" at 58. Not good numbers, if you ask me. Anyway, in case you'd like to know, here's how the subsequent singles from The Woman fared IN the Billboard Hot 100:

"Get Together" - 106

"Jump" - 105

"Future Lovers/I Feel Love" (promo only)- did not chart

"Music Inferno" (promo only) - did not chart

"Hey You" - did not chart

Like you, I love The Queen, but figures ARE figures. I hope it's clear now why I said "the woman already finds it difficult to reach even the Hot 100."


Billy --> the woman already finds it difficult to reach even the Hot 100 = what are you talking about? LOL - 'Hung Up', 'Sorry' - does it ring any bell? ...


I think what the article is saying is that after the new album is released in April (allegedly), Madonna will be done w/ her contract w/ Warner so if she re-releases the old singles after that, the profit will go towards M and Live Nation. The problem w/ this, though, is that I thought I read that Warner would still control the profits of her old singles. So I don't know how accurate this is. And I agree with others that re-releasing doesn't make a big difference when her old stuff can already be downloaded. Strange article.




This "news" doesn't make sense to me. First, most of her songs are already available for download through iTunes. Second, HOW can she beat Elvis' British #1's just by re-releasing her old hits? HOW will that guarantee #1 hits? No offense, but the woman already finds it difficult to reach even the Hot 100 (of both British and American charts) with her new songs! And WHY would that move upset Warner Bros? Please explain . . . I'm quite dumb, y'all.


I doubt Madonna would re-release old singles to gain more #1 uk hits. All her songs can be downloaded via itunes now. Why re-release them? HMMMMMM.

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