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Madonna film to debut at Berlin film festival

The first film directed by pop icon Madonna is to have its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival taking place from February 7-17, organizers announced Thursday. Filth And Wisdom, a romantic musical comedy reportedly based on the star's own experiences, is Britain's entry in the festival's Panoroma section, but will not be in line for an award in the main competition.
It is not clear if Madonna, 49, will put in an appearance in Berlin, but directors usually show up for the premieres of their movies.
The lead role is played by Eugene Huetz, whose Gypsy punk band Gogol Bordello accompanied Madonna during a concert in London this year. Other actors include Stephen Graham and Richard E. Grant.
Madonna, who is married to British director Guy Ritchie, does not appear in the film.
Around 50 works are entered in the Berlinale's Panorama section, among them efforts by Canadian underground star Bruce LaBruce and Taiwanese female director Zero Chou.



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Well, that's something I didn't expect but still doesn't surprise me! And for those who think that her star is fading and she's not relevenat today, it only confirms an established fact: Madonna is way beyond being a successul music superstar she's an iconic artist and has been for more than a decade!
Hopefully this is a begining of a more successful career in Cinema for the Queen. I wish she could carry on acting and get a role that she deserves but it seems now that she's cursed with her acting and critics will wait in the corner with their acid knives if she acts in another film! I'd like to see what's Filth and Wisdom like...Think actually the direcotr hat could suit her very well so let's hope it'll be a succes atthe Berlin Festival...


Thank you! lets start that whole consept...
NO HATE IN 2008!!!!!!!!lovesit lovesit lovesit.I cant beleive all the madonna haters on her own fanclub will see 2008 will be madonnas biggest year ever.4 minutes to save the world is amazing.
cant wait for the world to hear it. It will give madonnna,A younger fan base also.


Uh oh! I hope it goes well for her and isn't an embarrassing flop e.g. although I loved her re-invention tour documentary, non-madonna fans found it quite annoying (i say non-madonna fans, I mean my friends who really dislike her, and I force all of my madonna crap onto them!)

Merry christmas everyoneeeee

Social Citizen

Well I'll definitely see it if it's available in the US. It's worth a look.

Flop? Have you heard of a little tour called "The Confessions Tour"? It was a highest-grossing concert tour by a female, ever! That's making history. I hardly consider that a flop. She also just garnered another Grammy nomination. Maybe you should reconsider your position?


Cool. It looks neat.

Her biggest fan:)

Can't wait to see and hear the new MADONNA stuff! I'm sure it will be awesome! Our Queen is a genius :)I love you! xxx

Miss Oleander

I'm all with you Madonna :)
You'll never stop shining.
And for those who are not smart enough to grow up and have nothing else to do than spending their time denigrate the most brilliant and talented woman in the world... two words: go away.
This is a place for FANS. not brainless-haters.

the truth

Woohoo!!! I can't wait to see this movie!! I can't wait to hear the new cd!! Like everything she touches I'm sure this will be awesome!! "No hate in 08!"

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