Q&A With The Ritchies
Guy: Madonna knows best

Madonna and Guy's 'date night'

Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie heated up with New York night at the premiere of his crime drama 'Revolver,' and 'Extra' was along for their big date.
'We haven't been away from the kids in a while,' Guy confessed to 'Extra.'
Added Madonna, 'Yeah, so it’s a date.'
Madonna joined Guy for his big premiere, but when Guy tried to explain the title, Madonna had a little fun with him.
'It’s the revolving door – of your ego!' she joked. 'Sorry, I’ll shut up now.'
Glammed out in Dolce & Gabbana, Madonna also revealed she and Guy might expand their family of five.
'Maybe,' she said. 'You never know.'
Meanwhile, Mrs. Ritchie is bugging her husband to make a family movie for once. Guy has made action-packed thrillers 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' and 'Snatch.'
'My kids really want to go to one of his movies,' she said, turning to Guy. 'Can you hurry up please? Rocco complained that you don't make movies that kids can watch!'
But Madonna loves 'Revolver,' which hits theaters Friday, and even visited Guy on set.
'I did. He doesn’t invite me very often, you know why? Because during the lunch hour they always wrestle!' she said. 'It’s a gentleman’s club, the set of Guy’s movies.'
Madge also filled 'Extra' in on her holiday plans.
'We’re going far, far away,' she winked. 'It’s the only hint I’m giving you.'

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