UK Magazines: first
Madonna plans to overtake Presley's record

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to all madonnalicious readers!

Hope you enjoy this new look madonnalicious which now allows readers to subscribe to our news in RSS readers. We have also republished our Re-Invention Tour and Confessions Tour fan archives, full of pictures, reviews and video clips.


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Joel Pierre

Just wanna congratulate you Claire on your website's botox lift, haha! Been logging on to your site since 2003 and has always been your avid reader of Madonna news! Keep up the good work!

From Manila, PH with love...Pierre


Merry Christmas from Buenos Aires.

Congrats on the new design and comment features!!



Clare, you're the greatest! Happy New Year to you and allllll of the Queen's fans! May 2008 find you healthy, happy loved and inspired.


Keep up the great work, kid!

Thank you for providing us with the ultimate on-line shrine for the goddess!


Love the new layout and look! Madonnalicious rocks!!


Love the new look, esp the masthead font and floral print. Dont like the photo chosen but it's still refreshing. Keep up the good work Clare. This is a daily must-visit site for me. Have a great 2008! Cheers, MT, Singapore


Nice one clare
Loving the new look happy New Year to you & all the Madonna fans "Long live the Queen " !! XX


Hey Clare,
i love this new look! It looks better than ever before ;) Good work ;) Happy new year ;)


Its about time you changed that header. Please don't wait another year to do it again as it gets stale. You should refresh monthly. The picture you have used is also old now and will date very fast. If you update info daily why can't you have up to date headings and pictures?

Other than that observation (not a criticism) nice work you do a great job. Madonna's official website is such a bore compared to madonnalicious - she could learn from you!! LOL!


Thanks for the new look! Im up in this bitch on the daily fo realz!!!! Keep it coming girl!!! Mad love and the brightest lights for the upcoming year and beyond...........


Well done! It looks great! Thanks for all your work over the years. :)


I like the New Look ;)

Camille (Shopgal1984)

Site looks great Clare!! Merry xmas and Happy New Year! xo


J'adore le nouveau look de Madonnalicious!
Félicitations à toi Clare, mais surtout un immmense merci pour tous les efforts que tu fais pour nous tenir au courant de notre QUEEN MADONNA! :)Ton site est fabuleux et je dois t'avouer que je le visite au moins 2 fois par jour! Joyeux Noël :) xxx
De Valérie, Montréal.


Молодцы ребята! Всё получилось очень красиво и удобно. Отдельное спасибо за комменты. We love you in Kazakhstan!


I love the new format!


Its fabby - I log on here everyday without failure

candy tsang

Merry Christmas!
i love it... new design!
very nice^^


Loving the new layout!!




Great look, this is my daily must visit site!


Looks great. Keep up the hard work. I visit this site more than any other. Love Madonnalicious!


This site is awesome... it's the only thing keeping me from stalking her myself! lol jk! But seriously i love it! Keep it up.


merry christmas to all and mlicious I love the page I check it like I check my mail almost everyday ;-)

UNFORTUNATELY it seems to me I'm the only one who doesn't like the "new look" so much ?!

but if the content stays the same it'll be okey with me...


Great new look!!! all about the reinvention!lol....keep up the great work.....cant wait to hear the new cd!!!!time really does go by so slowly......

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