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Guy Ritchie: What can you do? She's Madonna

Director Guy Ritchie seems comfortable in his own skin as he sits in a pricey hotel suite in Beverly Hills, full of boyish enthusiasm about his latest film 'Revolver,' which debuts in U.S. cities on Friday.
He has been married to Madonna, one of the world's leading pop singers and trendsetters, for over two decades, but Ritchie, wearing a nondescript blue shirt and dark pants, seems unimpressed by designer labels.
In an accent that still sounds more working-class London than elite private school he talked about life at home with an icon and 'Revolver,' an existential gangster tale starring Jason Statham and Ray Liotta:

Q: So, how's married life these days?
A: 'I enjoy it enormously. Wish I'd done it sooner.'
Q: Many people said it would never last, so what's the secret to a happy showbiz marriage?
A: 'Pretty much ignore all the stuff they say and write about you.'
Q: But Madonna just signed this huge deal reportedly worth $120 million over 10 years with concert company Live Nation. Do you ever feel your career gets overshadowed by hers?
A: 'Don't know what you mean! She's got her career and I've got mine. What can you do? She's Madonna.'
Q: The critics were pretty unkind when you remade 'Swept Away' with her.
A: 'Were they? I thought our remake was fine It's a funny thing, as once we made the movie, I went, 'Oh yeah, that's the movie we wanted to make.' It wasn't supposed to be a big deal. It was just supposed to be a pleasant remake. And she was good in it. That's what I couldn't understand, because she was conspicuously good in it. But what can you do?'
Q: So would you work with Madonna again?
A: 'I don't know. We don't want to stick our chins out again.'
Q: Then, who's in charge at home?
A: 'I've got to tell you, we're just like any other married couple.'
Q: So she's in charge?
A: 'Yes!'
Q: Any plans to adopt more kids?
A: 'Listen, you've got to speak to the boss about that.'

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