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A look inside Madonna and Guy's marriage

At the Tribeca Grand premiere for Guy Ritchie’s shoot ’em up Revolver, Madonna wouldn’t stop talking to him and her manager, Guy Oseary. Two girls spent two hours-plus standing in the aisle next to them, acting sometimes as coatracks, sometimes as cocktail waitresses.
At the after-party atop the Gramercy Park Hotel, Ritchie and Madonna stayed until the bitter end, downing green martinis and sequestering themselves in a corner with Donna Karan, Steven Klein, and Sarah Jessica Parker. But earlier, they spoke with a group of reporters, while bantering and correcting each other the entire time, and coming across as a more or less normal couple.

NEW YORK: You had to reedit the entire movie. Do you think you got a bad rap from critics the first time around?
RITCHIE: 'Do I think? I know!' [Laughs]
Why do you think that is?
RITCHIE: 'Well, I don’t think they liked it.'
MADONNA: 'No, I don’t think they bothered to really watch it. I think they were criticizing Guy, not the movie.'
So, Guy, have you heard Madonna’s new CD?
RITCHIE: 'I have. I have heard her CD. I think it’s her best CD, and I’m not just saying that. [Pause.] Well, I am just saying it, but I also mean it.'
You’re more of a hip-hop guy?
RITCHIE: 'No is the answer to that.'
MADONNA: 'He’s an Irish-folk-song guy.'
RITCHIE: 'I like republican, political?....'
MADONNA: [Interrupts.] 'No, not republican, baby. That’s different here.'
Yes, that’s different in the U.S.
RITCHIE: 'Oh, okay. We don’t like Republicans, then.'
How long have you been doing jujitsu?
RITCHIE: 'About ten years.'
What color belt do you have?
RITCHIE: 'No, I’m not going to tell you, ’cause it’s embarrassing what belt I’ve got.'
MADONNA: 'It’s the lowest one.'
RITCHIE: 'No, it’s not. It’s somewhere in the middle.'
INSTYLE REPORTER cuts in: What have you learned about fashion from Madonna?
RITCHIE: 'Not to wear the same dresses as her.'

From New York Magazine By Bennett Marcus and Amy Odell