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High-flying stars design kites for charity auction

Madonna, Angelina Jolie and Cher are among the celebrities designing kites for charity.
The high-flyers will auction off their authentic Afghan kites on eBay next month (05 December) as part of the launch of Participant Productions, a social action campaign which will coincide with the delayed release of new Afghan movie The Kite Runner.
Proceeds from the kite auction will benefit the Afghanistan Relief Organization (AFO), which helps raise cash for the training of teachers and the construction of rural libraries in Afghanistan.


'You've done a good job on the wife'

UK TV comedian Harry Enfield was interviewed on This Morning recently and spoke about work on his TV show Ruddy Hell it's Harry and Paul - on which he has done sketches about The Ritchies.
Harry recently went into a gym in London and met Guy Ritchie. Guy asked him 'Are you making a new series?', Harry replied 'Yes', to which Guy said 'Am I in it again?'....'Errrr'.... Guy's last words to Harry were, You've done a good job on the wife though!

You can view one of Harry and Paul's Guy and Madonna sketches here: