Joe Henry's birthday message to Madonna

Madonna's brother-in-law and sometime musical collaborator Joe Henry posted this birthday message on his facebook page, along with a high school yearbook picture:

This is the young woman I met shortly after our family's move to Michigan in 1975 - as I entered my sophomore year of high school and, she, her senior one. together, we were in the Thespian Society; and in that winter's first production, we were cast as mother and son - the wife and child of Ralph Waldo Emerson - in a play about Thoreau.

She was whip-smart and short on patience; and to tell the truth, she scared me more than a little, but along with her sister Paula, her presence upon my landscape nudged open a door through which I would pass and find my life utterly and forever changed...that unusual and sprawling family becoming, years later, my own.

No one is more surprised than iI by the way our lives have expanded; by the way that our journeys have diverged and become entangled. Like anyone, I can sometimes forget to see the flesh and blood/heart and mind behind the parade float that is her public persona. But then I will find myself across the kitchen table from her, sharing a martini, and be additionally shocked to recognize anew the compact, terse-yet-compassionate human at the switches.

I have told this tale before, but it bears repeating: when Elvis Presley died on this date in 1977, this upstart professed in real-time that she felt his spirit had passed out of his body and through her own in exodus.

I laughed at her then for such outrageous self-possession, at the arrogance that I assumed must allow her to declare such publicly.

Today, when there is laughter, it is the laugh of recognition I hear - and it begins somewhere high above me, where things that once seemed implausible play with wild abandon and in broad daylight.

Happy Birthday, Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone.


Madonna's Instagram: 'Best birthday present ever!'

Madonna shared pictures from her birthday celebrations over the weekend on her Instagram page:

Gypsy Queen ️#livingforlove


'Gypsy Rosa birthday present ever! 💘💘🎉🎉💝💝❤ #rebelheart'


'Birthday Fun with Princess #1💘💘💘🎉'


'Thanks to all my ❤ #rebelheartfans for all your birthday wishes!!!! ❤ #livingforlove'


'This cake is everything! ❤ #rebelhearttour'


Madonna Taps Gucci, Moschino for Rebel Heart Tour Costumes

Throughout her long career, Madonna has enlisted the world’s top designers, most famously Jean Paul Gaultier, to collaborate on the costumes for her globe-trotting tours.

She’s again recruited a murderer’s row of fashion talent for her latest, the 'Rebel Heart' World Tour, named after her 13th studio album of the same name.

She revealed exclusively to WWD the designers who made the cut, including Jeremy Scott and Alexander Wang. And add Madonna to the Alessandro Michele fan club: the Gucci creative director also pitched in.

Just like she’s been teasing her setlist on Instagram for months - yes, 'Vogue' and 'Holiday' will make appearances on the tour - Madonna has also been posting snippets of looks she’s been working on with her longtime costume designer, Academy Award-nominated Arianne Phillips.

Ahead of the tour’s opening in Montreal on Sept. 9, she is revealing the full list of designers: Fausto Puglisi, Prada and Miu Miu, Swarovski and the Lebanese designer Nicolas Jebran are the others. She’ll show sketches at a later date.

Full Article:

Madonna: I’ll never perform in Russia again

The star has said that it is unlikely she will return due to the country’s treatment of the LGBT community.

The singer made the comments in an interview to promote her upcoming tour, which begins in September. The tour will involve concerts in 35 cities across North America, Europe and Australia.

However, the singer has stated that Russia will not be on that list, reports The Moscow Times.

'I won’t appear in Moscow or St Petersburg anymore, because I don’t want to perform in places where being homosexual is tantamount to a crime,' said the singer.

Conservative St. Petersburg lawmaker Vitaly Milonov - infamous for his anti-LGBT views - responded swiftly to Madonna’s statement.

In an interview to Russian News Agency, Milonov called the singer a 'hypocritical old lady' and accused her of prioritising gay rights over the lives of children suffering because of the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

The singer has previously accused Vladimir Putin’s regime of showing 'blatant intolerance of gay rights, artistic freedom, freedom of speech, and human rights in general.'

Speaking about the arrest of pro-gay band Pussy Riot members in 2012, she said: 'I was shocked and outraged when I heard about this, and I spoke about it openly on stage [in Moscow] during my show. For this I received several death threats.'

'What I realised when I went to Russia, and saw what was going on with Pussy Riot, and what was going on with the gay community, was how lucky I was and am to live in a country where I can speak my mind. It’s time for the rest of the world to be as brave as Pussy Riot, to stand up against people like President Putin that do not respect human rights, and perpetuate oppression, discrimination, and injustice of any kind.'

'We all have a moral obligation to stand up for anyone who’s being persecuted, whether it’s down the street from us, or on the other side of the world.'


Madonna Dishes on Her Tour Songs, Grills, and What Son Wishes She Did

The Queen of Pop is back and ready for action!

Madonna kicks off the year's biggest world tour, Rebel Heart, in Montreal on Sept. 9. The singer, 56, has been preparing for the trek by 'working late and sleeping late,' adding that working has turned into a 'vicious cycle.'

So, what can we expect from Madonna this time around?

The 'Vogue' hitmaker admitted to including dancing nuns on stripper poles! 'Oops, so I guess the cat's out of the bag,' she told Andy Cohen, who guest-edited this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly. 'I just like the juxtaposition,' she adds. 'I'm very immersed in deconstructing the concept of sexuality and religion and how it's not supposed to go together, but in my world it goes together.'

Madonna continued, explaining that deciding on her set list was 'tricky.' She shared that she is more excited about her newer work because 'I haven't done it yet, and it's fresh.' Nevertheless, she realizes that many of her fans would be there for the older songs, confessing that 'Dress You Up,' 'Who's That Girl,' 'Vogue,' and 'Holiday' will all be included in the stacked performance.

'When I first started writing music, I was a young girl, and I didn't write about very deep things,' she added. 'Now I do. That's why a lot of times I have to take the songs and turn them inside out and make them more ironic than straightforward, so that they work for me.'

The 'mother hen' to her 'stage baes' even chimed in on singing with a grill. It's safe to say she will leave her grills at home.

'It's really hard to sing with a grill in your mouth,' she shared from experience. 'You end up lisping, and putting your teeth together is actually essential to singing well. So as much as I love a grill, it probably won't be in my mouth when I'm singing.'

After discussing the tour in detail, Madonna opened up about what her elder son, Rocco, wished she did.

'My 14-year-old son is absolutely not satisfied with all my accomplishments,' she added. 'He just wants me to cook for him. I'm like, 'Okay, I'll get to that. I promise you, when this tour's over with, I'm gonna cook for you.''


Madonna looks back on Truth or Dare

It’s one of the best music documentaries ever and offered viewers an unfettered look at one of the world’s biggest celebrities. But what does the film’s subject, Madonna, think about the movie, Truth or Dare, 24 years after its release?

In the new issue of EW, guest editor Andy Cohen sat down with the singer to talk about her upcoming Rebel Heart tour, but the conversation later turned to the classic doc directed by Alek Keshishian, who trailed the singer on her Blond Ambition Tour in the early-’90s. So has the singer revisited it recently?

'I’ve seen bits and pieces from it,' she says. 'I sort of gag when I watch it, cause I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I can’t.’ It’s hard to watch myself do anything. I can’t even stand to watch myself in concert, like my last tour.'

Cohen pressed Madonna about why she won’t tune in for repeat viewings of older performances. 'I just don’t like to watch it,' she says. 'But I think maybe Truth or Dare, I could possibly revisit it right now.'

Cohen praised Madonna’s portrayal in the movie, saying he thought her 'arrogance' was 'brilliant.'

'The shade was thrown!' Madonna told him. 'I’m afraid to watch it. I just think I’m a horrible brat, that’s what I’m afraid of.'


Taylor Swift vows to collaborate with Madonna

Taylor Swift has vowed to collaborate with Madonna again.

The 25-year-old star joined the 'Rebel Heart' hitmaker on stage at the iHeartRadio Music Awards earlier this year for a live rendition of Madonna's track 'Ghost Town' and now she has vowed to work with her again to dispel any myths of tension between the pair.

She said: 'Madonna and I will collaborate again and then [the media] will realize there was no weird tension or competitive factor.'

Speculation of the musicians' souring relationship came about with the release of their 'Bad Blood' and 'Bitch I'm Madonna' videos, both of which featured a flurry of other famous faces, sparking rumours they were competing against each other with the clips.

However, Taylor insisted they are still close saying: 'I felt so much resentment that they would take two women who made ambitious music videos and use that as a qualifying factor to comparing and contrasting them. I hated that because Madonna and I have gotten along and been fans of each other and performed together, and I didn't want to see that, and there was nothing I could do, and there's nothing she could do, because that's the way the world works right now.'

And the 'Shake It Off' singer said they are so close, Madonna even sent her a gift following their performance together back in March.

She told Vanity Fair magazine: 'When I went into her dressing room, I complimented this candle and this diffuser she had, because her dressing room smelled like a magical woodland forest. A week later, I get this box in the mail, and she had sent me the same diffuser, and all these essential oils, and the exact candle I had complimented.'


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This event celebrates Madonna’s Rebel Heart World Tour and her Confessions era which was truly unforgettable, critics called it a return to form for Madonna, ranking it alongside her best albums. Madonna was honoured with a Grammy Award, BRIT Awards. The album peaked at number one in 40 countries, earning a place Guinness Book of World Records. Confessions on a Dance Floor has sold an estimated 12 million copies worldwide. 'Hung Up', the lead single, became Madonna's most successful single worldwide by topping the charts in a total of 41 countries.

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Madonna explains the philosophy behind her Instagram posts

In EW’s latest issue, guest editor Andy Cohen interviewed his favorite pop star Madonna. Their conversation ranged from details about the Queen of Pop’s upcoming tour to her thoughts about Taylor Swift, eventually turning to the star’s love of - or, as Cohen suggested, addiction to - Instagram.

'I could live without it,' Madonna says when asked about her use of the social network. 'But it’s an important part of my work now. I like to think of it as a kind of art gallery for my thoughts, my dreams, my wishes, my state of mind. Can’t ignore social media.'

In fact, beyond teasing her setlists and giving shoutouts to Taylor Swift, Madonna sometimes dives into a part of Instagram lots of people usually avoid: the comments. 'Sometimes people are really supportive and nice,' she says, adding that she reads reactions to her posts 'whenever [she’s] on holiday.' 'But you can’t get attached to people saying nice things because then when people say mean things it will bother you. So you just have to take it all in stride, and I really don’t take any of it seriously. I can’t afford to.'

Madonna also explains exactly why she can’t give the remarks left on her pictures much weight. 'The most illuminating thing about reading comments on Instagram is how literal people are, and how people have no sense of humor and no sense of irony,' she says. '[They] don’t read between the lines. It’s interesting.'

But that doesn’t mean Madonna isn’t a fan of #tbt. 'I love to look back and see the great and and artists that I’ve had the privilege to collaborate with,' she tells Cohen, referring to some of her more nostalgic posts. 'I worked with the greatest and the best and the finest.'


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Old School presents: (LIKE A) VIRGIN ROCK!

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Extended Set: New Wave, Pop 80's-90's-00's, Synthpop, New Romantics, One Hit Wonder, Retro, Disco, Electro, Dance Punk, Rock 'N' Roll

Line Up: DJ Federico Krampack, a.k.a Fanzine Planeta Z

And dancing also with: Chuck Berry, The Cure, Jerry Lee Lewis, David Bowie, Nancy Sinatra, Patti Smith, The Runaways, New Order, The Cars, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Pet Shop Boys, Blondie, Cyndi Lauper, The Go-Go's, Devo, Depeche Mode, The Pretenders, Joy Division, Roxy Music, Kraftwerk, OMD, Talking Heads, Joan Jett, The Ramones, Annie Lennox, Boy George & Culture Club, Falco, Thompson Twins, Sandra, Erasure, Laura Brannigan, A Flock Of Seagulls, Billy Idol, Duran Duran, The Human League, Vive la Fête, The Gossip, Garbage and more!

13th Thursday August - from 6pm
LIVING ROOM, Prat # 592 Barrio Estación, Concepción, CHILE


Madonna breaks the preparation for her Rebel Heart tour

Andy Cohen guest-edited EW’s latest issue so of course he had to talk to his favorite pop star Madonna about her massive Rebel Heart tour, which kicks off Sept. 9 in Montreal. By her own estimation, the Material Girl has been spending 10 to 12 hours a day prepping for the string of gigs - a schedule so rigorous that an aide follows her to make sure she stays nourished. 'I call her the food police,' Madonna tells Cohen. 'Are you eating? Did you drink enough water?’ I’m like, ‘Bitch, get off my pole!'

Speaking of poles, Cohen gets the scoop about the dancing nuns on stripper poles that Madonna teased in Rebel Heart’s trailer. 'I just like the juxtaposition,' she says of the risqué routine. 'I’m very immersed in deconstructing the concept of sexuality and religion and how it’s not supposed to go together, but in my world it goes together.'

As for the show itself, Madonna hasn’t revealed much, but she offers some insight about how she balances her setlist with greatest hits like 'Vogue' and her new Rebel Heart material. 'Of course, the thing I'm most excited about doing is my new stuff, because I haven’t done it yet and it’s fresh,' she tells Cohen. 'But I realize that people want to hear my older stuff, so for me it’s always a tricky balance trying to keep some kind of continuity, not only with sound, sonically, but also thematically....a lot of times I have to take the songs and turn them inside out and make them more ironic than straightforward.'

Cohen also inquires about whether Madonna’s 14-year-old son Rocco would appear on the tour. 'I think he’s probably gonna work behind the scenes,' she says. 'He’s not interested in performing on stage with me right now. There’s way cooler things. Your mom is not that cool when you’re 14.'

Stay tuned to EW for more scoop from Cohen’s interview with Madonna, along with other juicy stories from his guest-edited issue.


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Amy Schumer Poses as Madonna Circa 'Truth or Dare'

The Amy Schumer-Madonna lovefest continues. First, the Queen of Pop tapped the Trainwreck writer/star to open her three New York-area shows this fall. Now, Schumer is posing like Madonna in a photo shoot for Empire film magazine.

One shot features two dapper dudes in tuxes leaning into an elegant, cleavage-baring Amy. It's a fairly direct homage to an iconic Steven Meisel pic taken during a photo shoot for her 1991 documentary Madonna: Truth or Dare (though Madonna bared significantly more cleavage).

The other pic is of Amy, finger in mouth, reacting to a man who's unzipped his pants in front of her - a pose Madge copped during a separate Meisel photoshoot related to Truth or Dare (and which appeared on the cover of The Advocate). That picture, incidentally, found Madonna in the same outfit she wore on the cover of her 'Vogue' single. Meisel also contributed to Madonna's Sex coffee-table book.

Check out the swoon-worthy pics, and check out Schumer opening for Madonna on Sept. 16, 17 and 19.



Second Manila show added for the Rebel Heart Tour

By overwhelming demand, Madonna is adding a second night in Manila! The second night of her Rebel Heart Tour is set for February 25, 2016 at Mall Of Asia Arena in Manila.

WED., JULY 29, @ 10am-4pm PHT

The Icon pre-sale for Manila is open to all registered Week #10 Icon Live Pass holders. Lifetime Legacy member priority access will begin at 10am PHT. On the morning of the pre-sale, login to and go to the Tour page. You will see your unique passcode displayed at the top of the page.


Madonna: It's just the beginning for streaming service Tidal

Madonna, who co-owns Tidal with Jay Z, Beyonce and others, says it's just the beginning for the streaming service that's had some troubles since its launch in March.

'It's just the beginning, so we're working out a lot of kinks and hopefully we're going to build something unique and amazing that's going to attract a lot of people,' the 56-year-old singer said in a recent interview.

Tidal, which offers a basic subscription for $10 and a high-quality audio one for $20, hasn't made a splash like its announcement did a few months ago, when Rihanna, Kanye West, Daft Punk, Nicki Minaj, Jack White and others stood onstage in solidarity along with Madonna, Beyonce and Jay Z.

Since then, Tidal announced a family plan and discount for students. The company also lost its interim CEO last month.

'It's important that people understand we didn't create Tidal, we didn't put this together, we didn't all join forces because we're broke and we want more money. The idea is we want to support other artists and we want people to understand this is our heart, this is our work, and we want people to recognize that and we want other artists to have a chance,' Madonna said.

'We live in a society now where everybody just expects everything to be for free, but you don't get a house for free; you have to pay somebody to build it,' she added.

Other artist-owners of Tidal include Arcade Fire, Alicia Keys, Usher, Chris Martin, Calvin Harris, deadmau5, Jason Aldean and J. Cole.

From Associated Press Via Yahoo! News

Madonna feels like Picasso, says art has no expiration date

Madonna thinks artists deep into their careers should stop if they don't have anything more to say. But at 56, the singer says she still has things to talk about, and in short, she feels like Pablo Picasso.

'I like to compare myself to other kinds of artists like Picasso. He kept painting and painting until the day he died. Why? Because I guess he felt inspired to do so,' she said. 'Life inspired him, so he had to keep expressing himself, and that's how I feel.' Madonna released her self-titled debut album in 1983, and her latest album, 'Rebel Heart,' earlier this year. She said the key to sticking around is her continual desire to inspire others.

'I don't think there's a time, a date, an expiration date for being creative,' she said. 'I think you go until you don't have any more to say.'

'The theme I really truly explore in this show more than anything is love and romance,' she said in a phone interview from her home in New York City last week. 'I want people to walk out like they're feeling inspired and like they've seen something they've never seen before (and) felt something they've never felt before.'

Comedian Amy Schumer, whose new movie 'Trainwreck' opened impressively at No. 2 with $30.2 million last weekend, will open for three Madonna shows in New York.

'She's a role model for women, and I am too, and I think it's a good match,' said Madonna, who added that the idea to bring Schumer on board came from the singer's management team. 'I love her and....I just thought, 'That's interesting.' (I'll) try something new and different rather than the usual run-of-the-mill - have a band, have a DJ. It's definitely a new thing. I hope it works - fingers crossed.'

Madonna says picking the set list for her upcoming tour has been hard, mainly because she wants to sing her newest songs but also satisfy her longtime, die-hard fans. 'I realize I have 32 years of other songs, so I have to pick and choose. I sit there for weeks and weeks and weeks trying to figure out which of my old catalog I want to do,' she said. 'It's a puzzle that we have to put together 'cause thematically the songs - the old and the new - they have to go together; sonically they have to go together.'

She's even picky about the costumes onstage. 'What people wear, from their footwear to the buttons on their jacket, is all very important to me,' she said.

From Associated Press Via Yahoo! News

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Date : Saturday, August 1st

Theme : A Tribute to Madonna

Firm : Pyrospectaculars by Souza & La Ronde

For the 2015 grand finale, La Ronde and PyroSpectaculars by Souza, a pyrotechnic company from California that has participated in the Montréal’s competition in 2001 and 2007, present a tribute to one of pop music’s most famous icons: Madonna. Again this year, the soundtrack was created by an artistic committee headed by Paul Csukassy, the Montréal competition’s technical director. It will feature various musical 'personalities' of the pop diva sure to get the audience into the groove. It will be all fireworks, songs and dance with chart toppers from her debut single Lucky Star to her latest Living for Love, to her movie songs such as Don’t Cry for Me Argentina and Live to Tell, plus her irresistible dance hits, including Vogue and Ray of Light all leading to an explosive finale of party anthems.

Fireworks out of competition. The fireworks start at 10 p.m., rain or shine.

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Manila Rebel Heart Tour show announced

Madonna has announced her visit to The Philippines! Her Rebel Heart Tour will land in Manila on February 24, 2016 at Mall Of Asia Arena!


The Icon pre-sale for Manila is open to all registered Week #9 Icon Live Pass holders. Lifetime Legacy member priority access will begin at 10am PHT. On the morning of the pre-sale, login to and go to the Tour page. You will see your unique passcode displayed at the top of the page.

Diplo To Open Montreal Rebel Heart Tour Shows

Madonna today announced that Diplo will be the opening act for the launch of her highly-anticipated Rebel Heart World Tour on September 9th and 10th at Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec.

Madonna said, 'To have Diplo open for me is my dream come true. Montreal is about to TURN UP!!!! We Go Hard or We Go Home!'

Diplo is one of the most dynamic forces in music today. This summer two of his projects are soaring up Top 15: Major Lazer's 'Lean On' and Jack Ü's 'Where Are Ü Now' with Skrillex and Justin Bieber. Always outspoken about his musical talent, Madonna teamed with Diplo on the writing and recording of her critically acclaimed 13th studio album, Rebel Heart. With Madonna, Diplo produced and co-wrote the songs 'Living For Love,' 'Bitch I’m Madonna,' 'Unapologetic Bitch,' 'Veni Vidi Vici' and co-wrote 'Graffiti Heart' (from the Super Deluxe Album).


Madonna, prepping for tour, says she 'appreciates' her hometown

Madonna says folks shouldn’t be too put off over her recent comments about growing up in Rochester Hills.

'I appreciate my provincial upbringing,' the Michigan-born pop culture icon explained by phone Friday, June 17, from her home in New York City. She’s preparing for her Rebel Heart Tour, which begins Sept. 9 in Montreal and will bring Madonna back home on Oct. 1 at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.

The Bay City-born Madonna (nee Ciccone) - who was raised in Pontiac and Rochester Hills, graduating from Rochester Adams High School - ruffled local feathers when she referred to the 'basic, provincial-thinking people' of her hometown during a March interview with Howard Stern on SiriusXM satellite radio. The remark even prompted an open letter from Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett defending the area.

Madonna, 56, who studied dance for one semester at the University of Michigan before moving to New York, says she hasn’t read Barnett’s letter but expressed a bit more pride about her roots on Friday.

'To me it’s really important that I came from the Midwest,' she explained, 'with my father and people that I was surrounded with, very strong work ethic and my practical approach to work, and not a lot of frills.'

'I don’t think I would be as creative as I am if I’d grown up surrounded by everything at my fingertips. The fact that I came from a small town in the Midwest has a lot to do with the kind of open notebook that I had to start my journey of creativity.'

That journey has continued with 'Rebel Heart,' Madonna’s 13th studio album - which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard charts in March - and will take its next step with the tour, which she promised will be one of her characteristically theatrical spectacles, featuring songs from throughout her 32-year Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recording career, with plenty of challenging choreography and provocative imagery.

'I’m still working my way through the set list,' said Madonna, who’s working on the show with a team of creative directors, choreographers and costume designers. 'The name of the tour, Rebel Heart, starts the party and then I think, ‘What’s a strong beginning? What’s the statement I want to make?’ and then we go on a journey from there.'

The theme of the show, she added, will be 'romance.'

'Love. Living for love. Being a rebel heart. Living for love. They’re all kind of intertwined, you know - rising above, believing in your dreams, overcoming heartbreak, things like that,' Madonna said. 'You know, the simple things in life.'

And while fans wonder if she can still perform at the level she has in the past, Madonna, whose daughter, Lourdes, begins her second year at U-M this fall, said they won’t be disappointed.

'I have a very disciplined life,' she said. 'I don’t do a lot of socializing. My life revolves around my show and my children and trying to live a very healthy lifestyle. The only thing I’m lacking right now is sleep - as always.'


Diplo on Madonna, Bieber and Why He Doesn't Hate on EDM

For producer-DJ Diplo, the past 12 years have been a slow but unrelenting march from the ultra-hip fringes to the dead center of pop music. Right now, he has two Top 20 singles from two different projects: the Justin Bieber-featuring 'Where R U Now,' from his Jack Ü collaboration with Skrillex, and 'Lean On,' from his dancehall-inflected act Major Lazer, which went from studio lark to festival-packing force. Diplo, who first broke through to the mainstream circa 2005 as M.I.A.'s producer, says there's never been a master plan: 'I've been 100 percent improvising,' he says. 'When I moved to L.A. to produce and write, I kept DJ'ing on the side, but I thought that was never gonna go anywhere.'

You co-produced several songs on Madonna's new one, including her new single. What do you make of the ageism she faces?

She created the world we live in. It already sucks to be a woman in the music industry, but to be a boss woman is even harder. She sold out her tour in minutes, but no one seems to want her to succeed - 'Madonna, we've been there, done that, now we're about Kim Kardashian.' Her song 'Ghosttown' was a guaranteed Number One for anybody else, but she didn't get a fair shot. With 'Bitch I'm Madonna,' everyone said there's no way it will go anywhere, but I'm like, 'Screw it, it represents you more than anything.'

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Mike Tyson films Iconic video

Mike Tyson’s career as an actor has landed him a special appearance alongside one of pop music’s most celebrated icons.

During last weekend’s annual Comic-Con, the former heavyweight boxing champ dished to on details surrounding his cameo in Madonna’s forthcoming music video, 'Iconic.'

'I’m in a cage. I’m a hostage. I’m chained. It’s just crazy. I’m naked. I just look like a savage,' he stated before adding, 'but it looks intense, and it’s like ‘whoa.’ But when I [shot] it it didn’t seem that intense. But then you watch it and go, ‘Whoa.’ It looks like one of those [books] National Geographic or something… I need to be tamed.'

While Tyson stated that he doesn’t know if he’s 'going to get some slack' from critics for the clip, it appears recording his vocals for the track - which is featured on the Material Girl’s latest album 'Rebel Heart' - was also an 'intense' experience. Earlier this year Tyson explained to Rolling Stone how his role in the song came to be during a visit to one of Madonna’s recording sessions.

'I didn't know what the hell I was going there for. I'm just there having a good time and hanging out with Madonna,' he recalled during the interview. 'She has her producer there and I go into the studio and I didn't know if she wanted me to talk or rap.'

'I just go in there and start talking. I'm talking about my life and things that I have endured. I'm saying some really crazy stuff. It was really intense.'

From The Huffington Post

Material Girl Collection #CheersTo5Years

Today, Madonna and Lola's Material Girl Collection ( announced that Sofia Richie would be the face of the 2015 Fall campaign, which celebrates the fashion brand's fifth anniversary, having launched exclusively at Macy's in 2010!

Madonna said about the new campaign, 'Sofia Richie perfectly embodies the style and spirit of Material Girl and is the ideal new face for the line.' Lola added, 'Coming from an artistic family, self-expression is in our blood. I love Sofia’s style and energy, and look forward to collaborating with her.'

The multi-media marketing campaign will debut in September issues of fashion and lifestyle magazines, as well as online, outdoor and in-store. ‪#‎CheersTo5Years‬


Israeli jailed for hacking Madonna's computer

A former contestant in Israel's version of 'American Idol' was jailed for 14 months on Thursday for hacking the computers of singers including Madonna, who had complained about unfinished tracks from her latest album being leaked online.

Under a plea bargain, Adi Lederman confessed to computer trespassing and infringement of privacy and property rights, Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court said, citing Madonna as one of his victims without specifying that he was behind the song leak. Lederman was also fined 15,000 shekels ($4,000).

'The ease with which crimes such as this can be committed by those who have skills in the field, such as the accused, require an appropriate punitive response that has a deterrent and uncompromising message,' the court said in a statement.

Lederman, 39, was arrested in January after an investigation assisted by the FBI. Police said he was suspected of selling songs he had stolen through hacking. In December, unfinished tracks were leaked before the release of Madonna's 'Rebel Heart' album.

Madonna has said the crime was an 'invasion into my life - creatively, professionally and personally (that) remains a deeply devastating and hurtful experience'.

Lederman previously made a brief appearance on 'A Star Is Born', Israel's version of 'American Idol', before being voted off. The court statement on Thursday said he had medical problems that had mitigated his sentence.

From Reuters Via Yahoo! News

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