UK Magazines: 'Grazia'

In this article in the 09 April issue of UK 'Grazia' writer Sali Hughes discusses the fuss that Madonna wore fishnets, her age (even though she calls Madonna 54), gender stereotyping and the double standards that exist.

As Madonna took to the stage last week wearing fishnet stockings, she managed to do what she always does: divide opinion. A sign she is more significant that ever, says writer Sali Hughes...

UK Magazines: 'Mate'

The English version of 'Winq' magazine (as reported here) - called 'Mate' in the UK is now available to buy in larger selected newsagents. The Spring 2012 issue features Madonna at the Superbowl on the cover and a six-page article inside.

If you cannot find a copy in a store hear you - fans can buy a copy online at

Here is a look at 'Mate' in store in the UK and 'Winq' cover from Amsterdam.

UK Magazines: 'Q'

The May 2012 issue of UK music magazine 'Q' features Madonna on the cover to illustrate an article about 'the real best of' - A greatest hits album can never truly capture what makes the very best bands so magnificent.

This issue of 'Q' also reviews Madonna's 'MDNA', giving it a 4/5 star rating.