UK Magazines: 'Q'

The March 2013 issue of UK music magazine 'Q' took a look at the 'The Ten Greatest Gigs of All Time' - Madonna's Blond Ambition concert at Wembley Stadium (20 July 1990) is included in the list as 'The Globe-Straddling Outrage'.

Madonna is the only female and solo artist featured, others in the top ten are Oasis (24 March 1994), Nirvana (03 December 1989), The White Stripes (6 August 2001), Radiohead (22 May 1997), Orbital (25 June 1994), The Smiths (20 July 1986), Public Enemy (01 November 1987), The Who (14 February 1970) and U2 (11 August 1993).

UK Magazines: Record Collector

Peter Magennis (The Beats Within) has written a six-page article about the making of Everybody, which is out now in UK magazine, Record Collector (February edition).

The story of Madonna's rise to fame has been told many, many times, but thanks to his exclusive interviews with virtually Everybody who was involved in making the single, the article reveals some cool new facts about Madonna - including the name of yet another unreleased demo from the early years. This feature is possibly one of the most in-depth articles about the making of Madonna's first single.

Included in the article are new and exclusive interviews with Mark Kamins (producer), Bob Blank (studio owner), Butch Jones (studio engineer), Fred Zarr (synths), Leslie Ming (drums), Ira Siegel (guitar), Rob Prinz (Madonna's first agent), Danny Tenaglia (legendary club DJ) and Charlene 'Chardonna' Martinez (the world's first Madonna wanna-be) - many of whom very kindly spoke exclusively and went on the record for the first time about working with Madonna in and out of the studio.

The magazine is in UK stores now and it will also become available in select international book stores (Barnes & Noble, etc) in the coming weeks. International fans can also buy the magazine direct from the Record Collector website at

Attitude magazine wants your Blond Ambition memories

Matt Cain, the Channel 4 News arts presenter and gay cultural history columnist for Attitude magazine, will be writing a piece about Madonna's Blond Ambition tour for next months magazine.

He wants madonnalicious readers to tweet him their thoughts on the tour, and their memories if they were lucky enough to see it. Your tweet might be chosen and included in the article!

So tweet your Blond Ambition thoughts to @MatthewCainC4. Why not include @_madonnalicious to your tweet so we can read your memories too?

UK Magazines: 'Grazia'

In this article in the 09 April issue of UK 'Grazia' writer Sali Hughes discusses the fuss that Madonna wore fishnets, her age (even though she calls Madonna 54), gender stereotyping and the double standards that exist.

As Madonna took to the stage last week wearing fishnet stockings, she managed to do what she always does: divide opinion. A sign she is more significant that ever, says writer Sali Hughes...

UK Magazines: 'Mate'

The English version of 'Winq' magazine (as reported here) - called 'Mate' in the UK is now available to buy in larger selected newsagents. The Spring 2012 issue features Madonna at the Superbowl on the cover and a six-page article inside.

If you cannot find a copy in a store hear you - fans can buy a copy online at

Here is a look at 'Mate' in store in the UK and 'Winq' cover from Amsterdam.