Madonna's Instagram: The Ellen Show

Madonna shared these pictures on her Instagram account from her appearance on The Ellen Show:

'Had so much fun on Ellen today! We were ‪#‎unapologeticbitches‬ ‪#‎rebelheart'


'Waiting in the wings....And ‪#‎livingforlove‬ ‪#‎rebelheart‬'


'Ellen steals the show!! Watch tomorrow! #‎liviingforlove‬ ‪#‎rebelheart‬'


#AskMadonna on Instagram!

It’s time to ‪#‎AskMadonna‬ on Instagram!

To celebrate the March 10th release of her album Rebel Heart, Madonna will host an exclusive Instagram Q&A!

Want to ask our Rebel Heart a question?
-Post a video to your Instagram asking Madonna a question before 6pm PST / 9pm EST on Monday, March 9th.
-Hashtag the video with #AskMadonna

Madonna will comment on your video answering your question starting around 6pm EST on Tuesday, March 10th.

Wait, there’s more! Madonna will film video answers to her favorite questions and post them to her Instagram & Facebook pages!

Be creative, be fun, be a true Rebel Heart and get ready for the unexpected....


Madonna's Instagram: 'Je Suis Charlie'

Madonna has joined those supporting Je Suis Charlie (I am Charlie) after terrorists targeted the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris this week:

'These are very scary times we are living in. Ignorance breeds Intolerance and fear. We can only fight darkness with light! We are all Charlie! #revolutionoflove #rebelhearts'

'We must respect AlL religions! But we must also RESPECT human life!! Killing in the name of G*D is man's idea not G*D's!!!!#livingforlove #rebelheart'

'Love this photo from Mario Testino - Says it all. #jesuischarlie #livingforlove'

Madonna's Instagram: 'The World is big enough for all of us!'

Madonna has posted this message on her Instagram page about the leaked tracks and demos from her new album sessions, including 'Two Steps Behind Me' which some people have imagined is a dig at Lady Gaga:

'There are those who want to shut me up but they cannot! We still live in a world that discriminates against women. There are People that are so hateful. they want to create feuds between strong women that do not exist! I do not wish ill will towards any other female artist and I never have! The World is big enough for all of us! I will fight for my rights as an artist and a human and a woman till the end if my days! Because I am a #rebelheart and I walk in the footsteps of giants and I will not apologize for or defend my unpublished unfinished STOLEN work. If you don't like who I am or what I have to say then why are you reading this? #unapologeticbitch'

Madonna's manager Guy Oseary had a Q&A session on Twitter last night and said this: 'That song is NOT about gaga or anyone in particular. The song is an unfinished demo she had no intention of finishing or releasing along with many others.'

Madonna's response to Pakistan terror attacks

Madonna posted these messages and pictures on her Instagram page in response to the terrorist attacks in Pakistan:

'My heart goes out to the families of innocent children who were killed today in Pakistan!! I do not accept a world where kids are killed for wanting an education! This violence and ignorance has to stop!!!! It starts with all of us treating all human beings with dignity and respect!!'

'Pray for Peace in Pakistan and the rest of the world. Pray for an end to violence against children everywhere! #livingforlove'

Madonna's Instagram: #Madonnagate

Madonna another leaked picture and a long message about people leaking unreleased pictures and songs and asking for help to find the people behind the leaks:

This is a fitting photo i did not release. I do not make money from the release of any of my photos. But other people do! I am asking my true fans and supporters who respect me as an artist and a human to not get involved with the purchasing trading or posting of unreleased images or music. I hope and pray we find the source of the leaks soon. Until then i am grateful for any leads or info and even more grateful for your support and loyalty! Please let me finish my work so i can give you my very best! #respectartandtheprocess

Madonna's Instagram: #karma

Madonna is finding leaked outtakes from photoshoots being posted online and is re-porting them on her Instagram page to show her upset:

'Out takes from steven Klein shoot I've never seen before. Thanks for showing me again and again that stealing selling and buying is alive and well in cyberspace! #fearnoevil'

'Another unreleased photo from a series I have just discovered! Stolen and sold to whom?? Wtf? Are my fans doing this? If so Im very confused! Stealing is a crime. #karma'

This is what Madonna does to people who cross her

The hackers who leaked Madonna’s new tracks online had better watch out.

This is what she did to her iPod to vent her frustration.

Two tracks by the Queen of Pop - Rebel Heart, featuring DJ and producer Avicii, and Wash All Over Me - were leaked on the intermet over the weekend and Madonna has hit back at the culprits.

She posted a picture of a smashed gadget on Instagram with the caption 'This broken ipod is a symbol of my broken heart! That my music has been stolen and leaked! I have been violated as a human and an artist! #fuckedupshit'