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Wednesday, 21 May 2014


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@Lulu--yes--actually I remember an interview with M a few years ago talking about a new artist she loved called Katy Perry--in particular a song called 'youre so gay'--watch this space!! ;) xx


Steven Klein's once innovative photography is now as predictable and samey as Madonna herself is.


@Terry: funnily enough, I have ALWAYS thought that Katy Perry looks like a cartoon character when on stage and caked with make-up. And that is not a compliment!

@tracy: a very strong rumour has it that even as far back as "I Kissed A Girl", Madonna was desperate to 'get in' with Katy Perry as she seemed to be getting good songs written for her (hello, the great Cathy Dennis!)!

@jeffrey: Agree totally. This is just like Hard Candy/Sticky and Sweet revisited, with a bit of Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video thrown in for good measure! Reductive, moi? ;-)


As a hardcore Madonna fan I must say this is getting to be a bore. For someone who has stated that she hates to repeat herself this is all regurgitated hard candy/sticky sweet looks. To be repeating herself after only 6 years is a total yawn. What happened to the cutting edge lead not follow Madonna that took the world by storm with a creative force unparalleled?!? I truly hope she has found a new creative spark for the new album. I will definitely buy the new album and I am sure I will enjoy it as I have all Madonna albums before it, but my concern is all this instagram, social media crap is becoming a wizard of oz moment. Revealing the person behind the curtain, and losing the illusion.


Exactly, Terry. They both look like mannequins.


i LOVE these pictures--gorgeous & erotic!!!such beautiful creatures--I don't even mind the photo shopping--adds to its edge!! I wouldn't mind these two working together musically ;) xx


SO very HOT.


I still love her and will but that photoshopping (not only M's) really hurts my eyes. They don't look like humans, more like cartoon characters.

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