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Thursday, 13 March 2014


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YES A DEFF MASTERPIECE! ..blow ya haters back to your planet....


I liked Madonna but I don't get her anymore and I haven't enjoyed the last 2 albums much. She is too busy to open gyms and make up products to concentrate in one things that used to be music.

Actually I think she sucks now


Madonna is doing new Music, the old guys like ROlling stones are not. That´s the point, not her age.


I agree with Sean: please Madge NO MORE gangsta crap...yo yo man! Ok? (I know you are reading this


Seriously . . . can't this woman work solo anymore???

Gary R

Oh god, even though I liked "American life" and "Hard candy" and "Music" , I would like something closer to "Confessions" or "MDNA". For some reason that photo makes me think of those first 3 albums I mentioned. The reason I am hoping for a more EDM/Dance music album from Madonna is because this is probably the last album Madonna can make in that style without looking a bit silly. Let's face, none of us are getting younger and if you figure she releases this album late 2014/early mid 2015 and does a summer 2015 tour that means she will probably drop the next album in 2017, when she is approaching 60. She will look silly performing dance music when she's 60. I am one of her biggest fans, but I don't ever want to see her embarrassing herself. I hope her music matures with her and she continues to look great up there on the stage. I would hate for her to turn into a Mick Jagger where he is on stage in his sixties acting like he is in his twenties and looking ridiculously sad while doing it.


She's looking good. Unlike so many here, i'm looking forward to this collaboration as the potential for something good is definitely there. If we're talking dream co-producers, i'd love to see her working with Nile Rogers again; he's willing and hotter than ever and it would be great to see if they could produce something as seminal as the 'Like a Virgin' tracks again for a new generation. She's working with Adele as well so it'll be interesting to see how the eventual record blends styles and genres again. Let's hope it's not a rehash of the 'too many cooks' 'Bedtime Stories' album and more of a return to form. 'Confessions on a Dance Floor' was her last great album and 'Ray of Light' before that; we're due a return to form. I just hope and pray, despite the hideous ho grillz and pathetic 'Trust no Bitch/Trust no Man' but let's all have a revolution of love contradictory nonsense bling, that she ditches the gansta/RnB sound, look and vibe this time - I AM SO DONE WITH THE GANGSTA HO CLICHES!


Her next record will be a mysterious Masterpiece! Viking Madge, step right up!

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