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Wednesday, 26 March 2014


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Madonna can do whatever she wants...full stop! She doesn't need any loser to tell her what she should or shouldn't do. I am myself a fan of Madonna's music above of all and not particularly fond of her movies but she is free to do whatever she feels inspired with. And yes...I'd love her to give her acting career another try.

Gary Ryckewaert

Where is the new music Madonna? I know you have an affinity for niche movies but let's face it, your bread and butter comes from your music career. I would much rather hear new music from you than watch a movie you have directed. I am a huge fan and maybe you have enough money to live a hundred lives, but honestly speaking it seems like you are sidetracked by all sorts of projects at the expense of your music career and your fans.


Totally agree with AG. If she wants to do that, go ahead. Concerning WE: much better than lots of Hollywood's crap. Not my favourite film, but worth watching.


better to try to realize your dreams than shit on someone else's!
I support you Madonna and good luck :)


Go ahead Madge! Go on directing, recording, writing and helping. While you make lots of great things and sometimes some uncorrect works, there are people who only critize your life. Thanks God you have whole great life while others have to buy one. I will always support you like a real fan since 1986. Love from Argentina!


I never went to see W.E. when it first came out, but I watched it on DVD last year. It is nowhere near as bad as the critics made out. I have seen other films - hello, "Gravity"! - where I really felt as if I had lost two hours from my life, but this was not the case with W.E. Not brilliant for sure, but intriguing and entertaining enough.


Another album delay or half ass to it~~ love you M...

I agree with Sean!


OMG!!! somebody PLEASE tell her that she is a singer! not a human rights performer, not a director!


oh another one two years wasted not making music............sigh


While W/E wasn't exactly the 'Masterpiece' that M may have wanted, it was by no means a disaster and, in my opinion as a film fan, was unfairly reviewed because of the association with Madonna's less than convincing acting efforts. A little like Evita, it had its moments and it had some style. I enjoyed it, even if the blend from historical reimagining to modern day didn't quite gel successgully. I haven't read this novel but it sounds interesting and i'll reserve judgement until its release. I do hope it's good. Does this, however, signal the end of a world tour to promote the new album? On a completely different level, am i the only one who would quite like her to give acting another go. Yes, most of her efforts were embarrassing failures but i enjoy her movies in a camp kinda way and believe that she does have it in her, somewhere, to give a good performance.


I hope she does another record first. I love Madonna...MDNA was tight, loved it. Anything music is always top notch. Unfortunately, she's a terrible actress and the movies she's directed, which I've never seen, have gotten really bad reviews. Give it's not your forte! Jeez :(


Looking forward to that! Just ordered the book, can't wait to read it.

Robert King

Another flop then!

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