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Wednesday, 26 February 2014


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Madonna is wrong if she thinks that Maduro is our enemy, U.S.A. has launched a campaign to discredit Venezuelan President, just because he is against the american empire, i´m gay and i like Madonna but those manifestations in Caracas are organized by the right and the U.S.A Embassy in order to destabilize the country. Sometimes Madonna is pretty ignorant about the social progress and the real values of freedom. What about Joe Arpaio in Arizona who commits violence against mexicans in the border and Obama, her superstar, is speechless! She first should look for the real reasons and stop watching CNN, maybe 3 hours in the gym and 4 children don´t let her time to learn about other societies, she didn´t even go to Caracas to perform a Concert, comming secretly to México to buy Frida Kahlo paintings doesn´t make you sensitive to the pain of the people, and then, she claims that people critizes her.
I think Maduro is a good President and if he turns into socialism is because it is demostrated that capitalism has fail to get equality, how many artists in the world can launch a video on MTV?
Otherwise, Kabbalah says that the most important thing in a task is not how much you get but your intentions, and Madonna is always boasting she is a "working girl from Michigan" who got every thing from having nothing. working hard doesn´t make you a better person


I can't believe how much ignorance and pride has this guy. After all the effort, love and money that she and her group put to this project. Brings education to everyone who the deserves it.people from Malawi should stand up for their rights on equal education for girls and guys ! Stop to ignorance,descrimination and abuse.

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