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Saturday, 01 February 2014


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Madonna's ability to innovate and "reinvent" are no like her headgear - 'old hat'.

Maybe M was The Emperor's New Clothes all along, and she has managed to hoodwink us all until about the last five years or so...?


@ L
I agree with you


Enough with these disparaging comments. If Guy Oseary is such a bad manager, then why was Madonna ranked the NUMBER ONE highest paid entertainer a few months earlier in FORBES? I don't think she ever was ranked #1 on that list before, although she has been in the Top 5 several times. Also, a recording artist cannot survive on music sales anymore. That is why they all branch out into other forms of sales, in Madonna's case, it is gyms (which coincides with her near Olympian body), perfume, and clothing line. Jennifer Lopez does it. Mariah Carey does it. Beyonce does it. Nothing wrong with Madonna doing it. As far as her collaborating with the latest trendy artists - newsflash - it is the teenage and early twenties market that spends the most on music now, so she is going for that market. Again, nothing wrong with that.


GUYS IGNORE! dknowles its clear the name is fake alone.
What has Madonna done lately ? Who ever you may be.. Madonna is still in the spot light 30 plus years after her first debut baby!
unlike the heffas Janet and Fading B.knowles


Aalliim: The conical bra already made its reappearance in the MDNA Tour.

ThunderRob: Just skimmed through what you wrote. Me, I only read short and to-the-point comments, not novels.

Colin: I can't, luv. I love the old hag too much.


@ThunderRob: here's a 'dreamy' comment. I dream that one day Madonna will be as kick a$$ as she was around ROL and COADF. Sadly, her recent output and activities have been a nightmare for many long-term fans.


did I miss something? are we still in 2000/01 ? As long as M has to revisit old stuff she has done, I know she has run out of ideas...


Dknowles, I really think you need to accept the fact that you and Madonna have gone your separate ways. Time to move on with your life. At the end of the day the woman is just a pop singer.


Dknowles: c'mon, you're smarter than that. You know you are not the overarching judge on what's positive or negative about Madonna (or anybody). Madonna has transcended music in my eyes and shines in her philanthropic efforts (among other projects).

You, as well, are entitled to your opinions. But I also wonder why you make such effort to contradict the interesting news that is posted on this Site. You say "it is lame for young acts to be associated with Madonna". I'd rather read others' remarks that have a similar opinion but express another act or some other interesting "dreamy" ideas that she should consider. I want to read constructive comments, fun ones, dreamy ones, thought-provoking ones, etc., when I come to this Site. I don't need to read hurtful, bullying comments.


The conical bra will be back next...


Jeffrey, honey:

I'll post something positive if Madonna does something positive. Name me ONE positive thing she has done lately.


Why are you even on this fan site? I have not read one positive post from you about Madonna. It's one thing to not love everything M does but you don't seem to like anything she does and all you do is put her down with your negative comments. Please take your dislike of her elsewhere.


thank you Jim =)



There is no logic in your claim. Full stop.



It IS lame for young acts to be associated with Madonna. Period.


"It sounds super-lame, but as a pop star it's pretty cool performing with Madonna."

An insult followed by damning with faint praise. Another young performer does it again, and yet I believe that Miley genuinely isn't trying to be putting Madonna down.

It seems fashionable for most of them - Katy Perry and Lady Gaga excepted - to damn Madonna with faint praise. That is, when they're not pretending to ignore their copycatting of her entire act and career strategies.


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