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Tuesday, 28 January 2014


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phillip a bruno

I posted a comment when I first heard about this and said I hope it wasn't true. Obviously the collaboration has happened now and when it airs I shall watch to see how it went as the UK won't get it till later in the year. But it got me thinking: Madonna has in the last few years lent her support to the younger girls coming up after her which started with Britney over 10yrs ago. Britney,Christina,Kylie, M.I.A, N.Minaj and now Miley...Call it tapping up the youth market for future record sales or a genuine care for the girls that maybe she didn't have at the start of her career from the established older female singers at the time.


@mark: please stop all this 'hating on' nonsense. If people don't like Miley or her music - I can't stand her or her 'music' - then so what? Madonna fans are quick enough to sl@g off Lady GaGa and the Little Monsters, so a bit like pots, kettles and black, eh? If we all liked the same things, what a BORING and bland place the world would be.

As for the 'love revolution' - I don't see much of that coming from M since she launched it. Many of her Instagram escapades have been far from filled with love, and remember she likes to wear grills "to piss people off". So love-filled - NOT.


Shame on u guys
Why hate on miley- a talented singer and young writer
Miley deserves a chance
Downing on her is pathetic- acting has if madonna is too good to share oxygen with her is so obsurd
Did u throw the love revolution away so easily


Is it a little pre-mature to judge? If M puts in a lot of efforts, execute some great vocals and brings on a high energy performance I would love to see it. It is not going to be a new record of Miley C and M collaborating so don't panic. Maybe the performance will turn out to be something memorable like M with Christina and Britney!


Smart!! Madonna is just marketing herself in Mileys audience.. worked with Britney Justin T. smart! its not like Madonna has the support of all her old fans! Meaning most don't buy her new stuff cause they are stuck in a time zones 80's early 90,s and want the same old sound others still love her just to go see her. Some may like her new stuff just not enough to support it. and finally few that allow her to grow and experiment and she goes on. with out judging her!!
So I think is great..

Lawrence Stern

I don't understand some of her latest career moves either. Duets with current stars to promote a new single would be smart. But just appearing on TV with in-demand, younger artists seems a bit desperate to stay relevant, no? And if she has to perform with a top singer of today, why not someone like Rihanna or Katy Perry?


OMG ! i hope is just a rumor and never Madonna do this. please no.

Madonna and Kylie maybe.


Agree with all.Please let this not be true.


Please dear God no!! You have got to be kidding me!!!


I'm afraid the formula to just team-up with some current pop stars to keep in touch with the young record buyers more harm her (and her legancy) then do her any favour. Nothings comfirmed yet but i really hope this collaboration won't happen.

phillip a bruno

I hope it is not true either.....Love Madge but Miley is way too current, young and a try too hard to be controversial for Madonna to be part of...Say how you like Miley from a safe distance Madge but please don't perform with her, esp a live set. Plus the Miley fans won't have a clue who Madonna is or her iconic impact on modern pop culture and her music stats... They probably think Beyonce, at 32 yrs old is old...and they dig her


Very disappointed to hear this. I also hope it's not true. She's trying way too hard and damaging her own brand in the process.


I don't see the problem. Miley can sing. Don't judge until you actually see the performance. At least it isn't a rap artist.


I agree Will. Madonna just cant sink to that level. She paved the way for girls like Miley. Madonna needs to continue on the higher ground and let the wannabe's continue to follow.


God, i hope this is not true. Whoever is advising M on her musical career needs fired as this is a step backwards. I'm fine with collaborations but a collaboration for the sake of headlines is so insincere and screams strategy. Plus, Miley bloddy Cryus! WTF! She's setting herself up for a critical lasting; you can already see the headlines comparing the grandmother of controversy to the wannabee princess. Such a bad and sadly predictable move!!! Fingers crossed it's not true. And if she starts to twerk i think i'll need some zanex!


I REALLY hope that it's not true.

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