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Sunday, 26 January 2014


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@Sean - of course she 'used' David! M is an arch manipulator and knows full well what an absolute furore her recent Instagram outing caused, what ever the real motive was behind that fiasco.

Now that M is laregly irrelevant musically (apart from historically), she believes she can thrive solely on controversy; previously, the controversey went hand-in-and with absolute kick a$$ music. Now it's all about the 'controversy': Instagram 'faux pas', the grills to, quote, 'piss people off', performing with Miley Cyrus, etc.


Just watched the performance on youtube. While many will no doubt mock it as a cheap publicity stunt and derail Madonna's thin voice and odd off-note, i thought it was an important and sincere moment. Madge has always been an advocate for LGBT rights and equal status under the law and, let's be honest, would be nowhere today without her gay fans, so it's only fitting that she once again steps to the front on issues she believes in and shares in the ever-increasing popular social acceptance of gay people in all our shapes and forms; an acceptance that she herself contributed to over 30 years in the spotlight, often when it wasn't popular to do so. Good luck to all the couples - let's hope that their vows last. On a different front, she'll equally get knocked about for 'using' David as her guest as a quiet but visual response to the racist accusations but to hell with it, mum and son looked the business!

phillip a bruno

Interesting...I hope it works and can see Madonna doing the female part on Same Love...Would have also liked to have seen her do something upbeat with Daft Punk...or Nile Rodgers esp as he worked with her 30 years ago on Like A Virgin...

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