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Saturday, 18 January 2014


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"Who cares if Madonna sais Nigga! we all used it say it and kid with it. Posted by: drico"

I have never said it, nor 'kidded' with it. Typical Madonna 'Stan' - generalsing and unable to formulate an argument.


@ gbandit
Very well said. Thank you.


Dknowles - I've read many of your posts on this site. Why are you here? You have nothing positive to say about Madonna...EVER! I understand fans should not think everything is perfect with their idols (or fallen idols), but this is ridiculous. Go troll on a Madonna hate site, I'm sure there are plenty for you. Or better yet, go to a Beyawnce site and troll there since your sign-on moniker implies allegiance to Mrs Carter, the least thought provoking performer of the 2000s (hence, the 'yawn').

Paula Dean-esque? Yes, because Madonna has treated people of African descent so poorly hasn't she? To your point, her hashtag was just plain stupid, and calling her son such terms is an sad attempt at being 'hip' much like her 'molly' drug reference made a couple years ago. She's smarter than this, and I'm glad she's getting called out on it. It should never be typed or said, by anyone. But, she already apologized and hopefully learned a swift lesson in it. I only wish she'd drop the pathetic social networks, and surprise us just by showing up.

Otherwise, she needn't prove she isn't a racist to you. Not only has she actively dated men of multiple races, let's not forget she adopted two impoverished children from an African orphanage and made them part of her family. She's quite the nazi isn't she?


Who cares if Madonna sais Nigga! we all used it say it and kid with it. its not even a racist word anymore..


So I guess her Paula Deen-esque rant on Instagram isn't gonna be mentioned here.

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