Madonna supports daughter on stage
Madonna and Boyfriend Brahim Zaibat Break Up


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Agree on the time keeping issue. With regards to the billboard all time charts...tgose are mere numbers. I like Rhianna but she is far from taking the throne from M... The importance M had and still has globally is immense and it takes more than a pretty/slutty hit maker girl to take over...


Rihanna has not surpassed Madonna, really. At least 5 of her #1s involve other singers, where she is often a "featured artist." Two are with Eminem, one with Drake, one with TI. "SM" did not hit #1 until Rihanna released a "revised" version with Britney Spears. It had stalled at #3. Much of her #1s involve "rigging" to get the song to #1. Also, digital sales are not even remotely comparable to singles sales from the 80s. You can get an MP3 for .99, but singles in the 80s were around $2.00, which is close to $5 or $6 today. If Madonna had been able to release singles for a quarter in the 80s, lots of her songs would have hit #1. A single today is literally the price of a candy bar. When you look at album sales you truly see the difference -- Madonna has hundreds of millions; Rihanna has 30 million, if that. Also, Madonna tops with tour grosses. Let's face it, Rihanna can't dance and is not much of a performer (unlike Pink or Lady Gaga). Madonna was a global force, culturally and musically, on a scale Rihanna can not hope to match. So we can still call her the Queen because she still is the Queen.


dknowles - Give it up. You are trolling. Just because Rihanna has 13 US Number 1s (more than half as featuring artist which should be considered as such), doesn't make Rihanna "queen" of anything. Congratulations to Rihanna, but so what? And why are you so "hung up" on a title anyway? If #1 singles (in the US) are the sign of influence then Mariah Carey would be reigning wouldn't she? And yet...Mariah has zero influence on art, pop culture, or culture in general. Mariah's influence is pretty limited to the vocal gymnastics that have become popular on shows like American Idol. Of course, there is a place for that , but I don't consider it risky, thoughtful or changing people's views of women, of gays, diversity, etc.

Add to that the level of global success and cultural influence that Madonna has sustained for now going on 3 decades, she doesn't need any title or accolades to define her. She certainly doesn't need your approval. I think she'd pretty much tell you to stop being a fan if you're such a pussy that you feel embarrassed by her. She's Madonna, the most influential female artist of the last 50 years. Enjoy everything you like about what she's done and let her live, and if you don't want to join the ride anymore, then jump off.


An easy excuse for the breakup if indeed this was intended towards Brahim. They were obviously having issues well before he decided to spend the last 6 months in France.


Tis is Madonnalicious not the Madonnabashing website geez!!
Long live MY Queen!


Other female artists may have more number ones... Who had more money in her pocket?


This could be an indirect response to Brahim.
It's possible that he didn't keep an "agreement" of sorts. Possibly an agreement not to sleep with any girls while overseas filming DWTS France?
Good for you M!

Varo Olivier

the only way to prove you love someone is also the time you share each other.


This is not a “trolling” post, just stating the plain, hard fact: with 13 No. 1 singles in the Billboard Hot 100 now, Rihanna ties Michael Jackson for the third-most leaders in the Hot 100's history and passes Madonna and the Supremes, each with 12.

I love Madonna very much, and I’m really saddened by this. We can no longer pretend and call her Queen, as her past achievements have been surpassed by other female stars–and how!

Madonna should really get her act together if she still wants to prove anything. Or just exit GRACEFULLY and spare herself from further embarrassment. GRACE is what Madonna seem to be lacking these days. Instagram has cheapened her.


How about agreeing to and keep that promise to start your concerts on time so you are not wasting the life of your fans? Why don't you start there Madge?


Yes, and showing me an airbrushed picture of your face makes that point very clear to me. HELLO??!!!!

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