Madonna ranks No. 1 as music's top earning woman
Madonna and daughter Lourdes party after ‘Grease’


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@ Tracy
Don't use tolerance and expression as an excuse allow someone to bash, no one asked you to come to a Madonna fan site . Anyone can have an opinion but you don't have to go out of your way to try and start crap just to satisfy your own needs to be disruptive. Go start your own thing and yes express YOURSELF not your opinion of others when nobody is asking you.


@April Jess @AG: my wish is for you to start accepting others views, such as those of dknowles.

@April Jess - can you not see how idiotic you look? You say you are with M in regards to tolerance, freedom of expression, etc, yet you sl@g off dknowles.

Madonna has some seriously weird and contradictory Stans. She should be ashamed of them.


go away negative bitches what the fuck are you doing here?

April Jess

I'll guess she's referring to peace, love, tolerance, freedom for self expression, empowering girls (and boys) with education, and self worth. Then yeah, I'm with you.
Great kick ass music would be good too!
Madonna is sooooooooooooo cool.

dknowles, my wish is for you to get a happy life :-)


Not anymore, no. It's actually VERY embarrassing and NOT cool anymore to have anything to do with Madonna.


Ok, she has now officially lost it. This girl needs a hobby.

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