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Monday, 09 December 2013


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@Joseph Rene: are we still using the word "reductive"? (Some of us never did.) Cliche always ruins an "argument".

Joseph Rene

Carlota your remark is with out merit!
Madonna has worked hard since her high school days to present times... I worked with her on a movie ,met her twice and always found her disciplined and hard working ..she was a very hands on** mom with LOLA on set! her kids seem very grounded ,genuine. she has shown them good ethics as a parent ...not her persona (JOB)


@ Carolota: I would say that it is not unfair. It's more like chance. It's not Madonna's fault, it's not Lola fault for who they are.

Parents do what they can for their children and if Madge can do more, why not?

Those children don't seem like they get away with much anyway. I credit her parenting.


Good For Lola. What is unfair Carlota!! She is going to school and was given a good part (not the main part which is Sandy). Better to see her succeeding than be a celebrity child with no goals and aspirations. I see good things for her future.


How unfair somoene to be given chances and publicity in life just because they are the child of a famous and rich person.


Well done Lola. When Lola sang with Madonna on 'Superstar' I was amazed at how similar their voices were! She's a Beautiful looking young woman & appears very grounded too.

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