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Saturday, 12 January 2013


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No she bought it well before the peak more then 10 years ago. Why she's selling probably just to put the funds in some other investment. It's not i need the cash play obviously, she's just has other goals in mind. Recently listed her NYC "pad" as well she just was not using anymore.


We should all chip in a few ££$$ and get it as a time share holiday home :)


"Pad..?! Neither Our Queen OR the author of this article have seen MY home then! Madonna´s house IS a mansion,calling it a pad seems a tiny bit ironic! ;-)"

Posted by: Johanna | Sunday, 13 January 2013 at 04:24 PM

Errrr, kinda think that is the point. The author IS being ironic! :-o

Still amazed she hasn't sold her London properties, though, considering she never seems to be in the UK these days.




I wonder why she wants to sell it.


@MikeinSJ: this is not being a smart businesswoman. No, it's what sellers around the world are having to do to shift their overpriced property. And, £14m is basically nothing to M, given her net worth!


Pad..?! Neither Our Queen OR the author of this article have seen MY home then! Madonna´s house IS a mansion,calling it a pad seems a tiny bit ironic! ;-)


......damn i think i've spent that much on tickets, merchandise, memorabilia, dvd's, cd's, vinyl, tapes (remember them?!?!) over the course of nearly 30 years to afford that now!.....wonder if she'll do a house swap??


Wow! That drop in price is going to make purchasing Madonna's former home so much more attainable to me now!!


She was smart to cut the price. She bought it at the height of the market and there is no way it would sell at that price now. Smart businesswoman as usual...

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