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Saturday, 19 January 2013


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People need to be aware that Huffington Post's Entertainment page is INSANELY anti-Madonna, because Kia Makarechi is a really sad Gaga fan who, unfortunately, makes HuffPost's entertainment coverage a platform for a sort of "Madonna is evil, Gaga is a saint," campaign. Note that Gaga has gotten NO negative coverage there over the last year, when basically all she's DONE is court bad publicity. He's even been known to get into Twitter flame wars with fans. It's shocking he's employed, really, but so long as he is, Huff is basically working for Gaga's PR team, which, sadly, means badmouthing Madonna. I'm surprised he hasn't gotten pushback on this.


I had reservations about Madonna's involvement in building those schools. But now, reading Xavier's account and POV about this, does shed some light on local officials and their fake condemnation of Madonna's efforts. The charity has taken some hits of late, but I think this one is unfounded. Raising Malawi either had a hand in this effort or it didn't. Even if they weren't solely responsible for the buildings, they still had offered assistance where their own government might not have. But they only complain. Sad when your motives are trying to help.


I am a South African and this is typical African attitude. They are generally ungrateful and they always expect everything for nothing and are quick to complain and criticise, yet always require outstide help. A little gratitude goes a long way and instead of the complaining, look at was has already been achieved - they got themselves in this mess and it alsways becomes someone else's problem.

They are quick to takes ones hard earned money and squander it!

I'm surprised Madonna already hasn't thrown in the towel, but as we all know, she never quits and keeps her commiments!

Ace-er Rolaah

Sounds like winning material


As described in an article in the Huffington Post, this is a personal attack from the minister against Madonna.

This is a shame as Madonna should be praised, not rubbished, for her wonderful humanitarian action in Malawi.

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