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Friday, 14 December 2012


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Chiesa Mcginley

Whatever it takes. Madonna is still one of my favorite singers. I am really a MADDONALICIOUS forever.


So well put Ngl. He is quite a low life. To do that in such a public way is pathetic. Couldn't he go to a therapist like most people do. He is still living through her by mentioning her name all the time. He's trying to protect his reputation and still get more attention. It must be so hard for her to trust that her brother loves her unconditionally. It's hard to be loved unconditionally but fame distorts things. He has bought into it, wants to be apart of it and wants to rewarded for it. There is no doubt in my mind that those two would have had so much difficulty communicating with honesty and integrity. They were not there for each other. But stabbing your sister in such a public way to make a buck doesn't help. Maybe this was the only way to get through to her which I don't condone. But it makes a statement. It's affective but destructive. It's a reality check for her as well. Something they need to sort out privately.


Well I read "the book" and really all along found it was a story of a brother sister relationship. In it, he never really slams her and I felt all the way loves her dearly. Was parts a bit cutting, sure, but that does happen. I am a long-time Madonna fan, as we are, and my opinion of her never changed one bit. As the paperback prologue quoted her father as saying she was most upset that it made her look human. It showed that she is complex. It showed Christopher is complex.

And let no one forget Christopher's contributions to our entertainment. The Girlie Show remains one of if my most favourite tours. And I think Architectural Digest featured his work on her New York apartment. I would kill for him to design for me. He, like his sister is very talented. No I'm not running for the Christopher Ciccone Fan Club President. I've been through times with my sisters and there is always healing and better places.

And I won't be shy of not liking the Guy Ritchie years. Only good thing out of that was Rocco. She certainly diminished herself as said in "I Don't Give A". I totally believe Christopher on his homophobia and basically dick head behaviour. I always resented him living the life that the gays or in his words, poofs, built. I don't think the lifestyle was paid by his films. This was all before Sherlock Holmes.

*And the book never said she cheated with A-Rod. Please.

Love and peace with Madonna, Christopher, the Ciccones, and all of us all and our families.


I'll only believe they have made up when Madonna says so. Until now only her brother Christopher has raved on & on & on to the press about them being on good terms again- Madonna has so far said nothing about her brother & there are no happy snaps of them together, so his claims are dubious. Madonna has every right to feel betrayed and cautious about him now- He NEEDS her, she doesn't need him! Chris only gets press attention when he mentions Madonna's name, so he does so again & again! So much for Christopher's claim that he wrote the book to escape from his sister's shadow! He has become a real-life Jan Brady- Madonna, Madonna, Madonna!!!

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