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Wednesday, 19 December 2012


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I'm a diehard fan, so I'm happy M came out on top, but top album?? really? it didn't do very well so it's clear that some hardcore M fans were voting multiple times. it's a good thing. shows she still has a strong fan base, but it's clear that this is not representative of the mainstream audience.


I voted for all For MADONNA I don't like LADY FLOPGA!!!


Aside from the 'Best TV Performance'(well deserved)& 'Best Tour' (perhaps), I'm surprised that Madonna won in so many categories for 2012. I Love Madonna so I'm a little biased but it appeared globally that many people seemed 'indifferent' towards Madonna in 2012 & suddenly now she's their favorite artist that made their favourite 2012 album etc!?! If the 'MDNA'(LP) was the reader's favourite album for 2012, then why didn't more people support the album & singles, & demand radio airplay??? Despite being a fan I found the album to be a let down & I hoped its reception would act as a catalyst for Madonna to musically reassess things & make a better LP next time around- this is less likely to happen now she is winning awards for her 'MDNA' (LP) etc. Nevertheless, I'm glad Madonna's still even in the game & I Hope she has a Bright Future- Elton must be hopping mad when he hears about these award results!!


i doubt any other female artist today would be as successful at that age...ever! including lady dada.


THE one and ONLY Queen of pop ladies and gentlemen....... Madonna!


AWESOME!! Does anyone know about favorite video?? I voted for 'Girl Gone Wild' repeatedly!!

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