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Monday, 03 December 2012


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Dana Caffrey

I love Madonna! She's an icon! I remember my first cassette tape f her. Until now, I have a cassette and I still play my old cassette tapes.


I love cassettes! This is cool that Madonna uses them like this - respect!! I still use cassettes too, they are fun and the sound quality can be extremely good indeed especially with a good system. I hope the format does make a comeback too. Keep it up M.


@ ngl: not to mention the drama when you had a cassette 'spill', and the tape got crumpled and ruined!


Ah the joy of cassettes! ALL my first Madonna purchases were made on the cassette, and I bought her singles on the cassingle format- no I don't miss this format with all the rewinding & fastforwarding, switching sides & poor sound quality!! I'm a little amazed Madonna's vocal coach doesn't have vocal exercises in the CD format!!

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