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Tuesday, 13 November 2012


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Hoo! This is not about my attitude I am just expressing my self cause I am fucking piss off that I didn't have any chance to get in the triangle because Guy was choosing the same people in multiple shows and this about to all the fans around the world who deserved at least one opportunity to be in that triangle.

Please connect your brain with with your thoughs before you write something like This. And how dare you to refer to me like this. I love Madonna and I am a fan since 1983 so at least I deserved to there one don't you think ? How do you like my attitude now ? Ha !


Well I agree with JC. I was in Las Vegas and I know they could have put a lot more people there. In fact, I know Guy did not get more than 30 twitters replying for a spot there, yet, there were a bunch of people and a lot of them with funky dressings or Madonna's outfits.
I did not get it, then I saw 2 guys at a McDonalds after the show on the strip who had pit bands on and they said they got in because of friends who are dancers in the show. it is not fair.
If the pit section was packed, I would have been ok but thay could have put a lot of people there. It sucks!


JC: maybe your attitude has something to do with it? Sheeesh.

I think you'll find that Guy's job is to MANAGE Madonna, and not worry about you and your "funky" outfit!


I was at this MDNA concert too! It was amazing!! We stayed at the Comfort Inn right in downtown Cleveland (we drove 4 hours to see Madonna!) and the Q Arena was about a 10 minute walk from the hotel. Madonna started the show between 10:35 and 10:40pm, Paul Oakenfold was awesome too!! If you look at the bottom left of the picture and see the blonde hair, that is my best friend and I am sitting to the left of her, how cool!! Next tour we're hoping she stops in Buffalo, NY. If not we are definetely doing a road trip to see Madonna Our Queen again in Cleveland and this time we'll be on the floor!


I am upset with Guy Her manager! I saw this show 7 times and I did t get the chance to be in that traingle even once when some other people were there twice or even more. That no cool man !! Do you fucking job and give the chance to other who are really fans and not just because they dress up funky ! Even that man I had my perfect outfit for my tour and I rock it. I got so many complements and have taken pics with everybody but I guess you didn't notice and no even my tweets ! So what should I do now ? I am still waiting !! And yes you can contact me if you can.

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