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Madonna Turns Gig Into Election Party


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Doug Landon

LOVE YOU MADONNA sorry for all the Pitsburgh party poopers, i guess they didnt realize they were coming to see the one and only, iconic star of the century, Queen of the world MADONNA, this was my third time seeing you and as always you rocked.I know you havent been to Pittsburgh for a long time and i hope you come back, i will make sure the hater with her big titties hangin out stays home. Thank you again for a GREAT concert and i cant wait to see whats next LOVE YA FOREVER


I wish Madonna would reduce her swearing a little, most people swear & I'm no different, it's just that when Madonna uses it SO much it looses its impact & it sounds like a vocal tick!


Pablo : you have a wonderful way of rewriting history.

The UK did not invade Argentina, as the UK never landed in Argentina. No, the UK went to reclaim The Falklands AFTER Argentina invaded and occupied them in April 1982.

Irrespective of the ongoing dispute about the sovereignty of the Islands, your facts about the UK invading Argentina are so wrong, it renders the rest of your post pointless.


Is a moral compass to throw rubber balls to ilegal mexican inmigrants in the Rio Bravo Border? or support an invasion in the middle east? what about Guantanamo?, Republicans and Democrats are the same. UK invaded Argentina and stole their Malvinas, UK and USA are also the same, and if there is such freedom of speech in USA, why aren´t they allow to have a socialist party? why they prohibited in several radio stations "American Life Single in 2003?
Certainly Obama is a better option than Rommney, but is not real good, is just less worse.
I never liked Guy Ritchie and she said he was her soulmate, nor Jesus Luz, this won´t be the exception that Madonna is blinded and maybe she will dedicate Gang Bang to Barak Obama in 2016

Greg, NC

M's on the Koolaid and her soapbox again! I remember the day when you went to an M concert for the singing and the dancing, not the childlike political rants. The MDNA Tour should be renamed The "Free Pussy Riot and Vote Barack" Tour.

At least the lucky souls seeing the concert from tonight onwards may only have to listen to " Well done, Obama", rather than ten minutes of Beyonce-inspired open love letters to Barack.


I am delighted that Obama has won. He seems to be the least warmongering President the US has had in decades. Maybe now the rest of us won't pay the price for the US getting involved in more wars than any other country in modern history. The world may be a little safer now that the US's warmongering tendencies have been calmed again for a further four years.

Good call, M!


I love the mother**** word she overuses, it has almost become a brand. She's not a pop star anymore - more like a culture icon. And of course her partner standing behind doesn't look too bad ;)


OH MY GOD !! Obama babe !! America has one more chance to grow and back again to be one of the biggest nation in the world. That was a great speech MADONNA I LOVE YOU. Thank you for push people to understand how important was this. I do understand better because I am not from America and people who hasn't travel around the world don't know about the freedom that America has. Equals right, better future, no war, more tolarance and respect. America We need to get educated again. God bless our president.

God bless queen of queens. Madonna !!

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