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Tuesday, 06 November 2012


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i heard that rumour too,lol!!! your moms appreciation of madonna made me laugh & think of my mom too-she always reffered to her as 'that trollop'!!! if i asked for anything to do with madonna,her response was ALWAYS 'im not making that trollop rich!!!!'lol!!!! the irony now is that she paid for me & my daughter to go to the MDNA show in birmingham,england!!!well done mom-you gave madonna another £250!!!lmao!!!!bless her.xxxxx


I remember this advert from 1990, I had been an Absolute Madonna Fan since 1989 (I was too young to be her fan from 82) and I Loved this ad & Everything Madonna said/did then. I remember my strict catholic mother entering the room, she saw the ad & exclaimed "That Madonna- what a Tramp!" Of course this made me Love Madonna all the more!!! Rumor has it that Madonna didn't even vote that year!

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