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Thursday, 08 November 2012


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@Gina- In fairness to Madonna, ALL performance artists wear ultra heavy & waterproof makeup when on stage- they do this so their features stand out and last under the hot lights & are visable for the fans seated further away in the audience. The 'problem' of their heavy stage makeup only arises due to the invention of modern technology where fans that are up close are now able to take HD photos & it reveals the artists 'warpaint' stage make-up. Nevertheless, there is no way that Madonna (or any other performer, regardless of beauty) could ever go on stage wearing minimal makeup- it just wouldn't work for a variety of practical reasons. This is StageCraft 101!


I absolutely, utterly, totally LOVE Madonna. But what on earth is going on in that second photo? What has she done to herself? With that hairstyle and heavy, unflattering makeup she looks like Bette Davis in 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?'! :-o

Please, M, go back to your lovely, pretty, natural look!!!!!


Great pics !!! I want my Obama tshirt !!!

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