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Thursday, 08 November 2012


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Wow! Former Madonna Fan, I am surprised you never knew she backed Barrack Obama. I don't know where you've been since 2008... Seriously, she is not taking money from anybody's pockets... Everybody knows very well Madonna is a liberal and if you go to one of her concerts, probably she's gonna speak up her mind. If Republicans are so put off by her beliefs then why are they spending money on her? Seriously?! LOL!


Leftist celebrities assume the role of cheerleaders during election season because they drum up support, they get people get excited, and most importantly they get people talking. They rarely if ever openly join conversations about politics or for any meaningful policy analysis beyond rubber-stamping any piece of liberal social legislation coming down the pike. Madonna is no exception. She has a passion for particular causes, not politics or political dialogue, and seemingly very little actual knowledge below the surface levels of these topics.


lol. madonna is an american. freedom of speech. dont like it? move to a communist country :)


@Jon & @Jeffrey- I agree with your sentiments 100%! How strange it is that 'former' Madonna fans would spend their time on a Madonna fan site! Life is a mystery...!


Well said!!


I agree with Jon. If you are no longer a fan why are you commenting on a madonna fan website?


LOL at "Gone" and "Former M Fan" For not paying attention to her anymore, you sure are living it up on the FAN message boards.


I have to say I agree with 'Former Madonna Fan'. For me, the brilliant Confessions Tour was slightly marred with the beginnings of M's political lecturing, and this is coming from a fan since 1986.

But M is also a very good teacher: in 'I Love New York, she urged, "If you don't like my attitude, then you can F off." Well, I heeded her advice and I did F off - I have never spent a further cent on M, her music, her merchandise or her tours since.

So, M - be careful what you wish for...

Former Madonna Fan

Let's hope M's doesn't tour in 2016. That way the fans might get a concert tour, rather than a Democrat Fundraising Tour.


We need artist with more than just a good voice or a nice move, they have to make people think or at least have their say.

Zachary some people just want to stir the pot. It's not really been a secret on this tour that M. is a supporter of Obama. And as an outspoken artist who believes in freedom of speech and equality of all humans she has every right to celebrate what she believes in. God bless America, I am so glad he won. I am so glad that Madonna still kicks ass.


Well don't go again, you know Madonna has a passion for politics so don't complain about it as if you're so shocked

Former Madonna Fan

So there you have it - you pay BIG BUCKS to see Madonna *in concert* and are then FORCED to put up with HER political celebrations.

This woman knows no shame. Typical Democrat - take others' Dollars and use it for their own end.

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