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Saturday, 10 November 2012


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albert G

This is why I love Madonna! She has never been afraid to stand up for what she thinks is right. Pushing the envelope simply equals
not settling for the status quo and spotlighting issues that are important. Keep pushing Madonna!


I assume she will close the Hard Candy gym in Moscow? It always seemed a strange place to open one, to be honest. (That said, all the locations so far seem pretty random to me!)


she shouldnt come to russia, why russia? she better tour to australia. now she gets what she wanted.

Had Enough?

If she loses the case, she's not going to pay in either cash or time behind bars. She won't be extradited, so all it will mean is that she won't be able to tour in Russia as she may be arrested when she sets foot there again. Just a loss for her fans there, but really those fans (and other likeminded people) really should be thinking about emigrating from that hole-of-a-country. It's a miserable place.


It´s not just a matter of money, i think, if it carries on, many artists wouldn´t be allowed to express themselves, it proves that socialism and comunism are not the enemy because Russia is already capitalist, the international media and even Barak Obama states that Cuba, Venezuela or other countries attemps against human rights, but it proves that the lack of freedom depends on the culture and religion, Madonna is already pushing all the bottons on conservative positions around the world, what will she do in México and Latin America next weeks? Gay Marriage is already legal in Mexico City, where her Hard Candy Fitness operates, but in the rest of the country it isn´t, there are a lot of caos, violence and catholic church influence.


This is a blatant money gab! Sadly, I doubt Madonna would get a fair trial in Russia to fight the charges. I wonder what the Russians could do to Madonna, provided she stays out of Russia, if she simply chose NOT to pay up?? I can't imagine Madonna paying up under any circumstances, and why should she? Interesting times ahead for Madonna.


Whether you agree with this or not - and I do not - but play with fire and you risk getting burnt. Madonna wants to push the envelope; she'd better make sure she has an envelope with mega bucks in it.


Fuck Russia - sorry i dont usually swear but thats ridiculous. 6 million bucks for promoting humanity... i wonder if LG will get fined also.. or is it a hate Madonna Only kinda thang?!

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