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@ngl: it doesn't take much of a trained eye - or ear- to note that there is little acting from M in DSS. Great movie, but no actual acting from M. M's "performance" in it is just like watching one of her videos from the 80s extended somewhat.taking it from another perspective, if you look at it retrospectively and factor in the way she behaves in interviews, etc., again you will note that M was being M.


@Su'ellen- You sound like my mother, she is still talking about how great Evita was and how Madonna should have won an Oscar etc! I agree that Madonna should have won an Oscar for 'Evita'. I was so proud of Madonna when she sang at the Oscar's despite not being nominated- I wouldn't have been so dignified myself! I find it amazing that so many people say that Madonna was great in DSS only because she was 'Susan'- I mean did you (& other people that say this) actually know/ associate with Madonna in the 80's to arrive at this conclusion.


Madonna was AMAZING in DSS... for the reason that she DID play herself! Watch the film - there is no 'acting', just M being M.

That said, I still think M not winning the Oscar - or at least getting a nomination - for Evita was TRAVESTY!!!!


Love the artwork! Madonna was so great in 'Desperately Seeking Susan', that was such a wonderful film. Madonna's acting then was so natural & unaffected- sadly her later acting work was so stiff & you could almost read Madonna's mind "I Hope I'm Getting This Right". 'Desperately Seeking Susan" was made at a time when Madonna was only on the verge of Superstardom, had yet to tour & the public had no expectations- thus on film she was sweet & didn't overthink things too much and her acting was wonderful.

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