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Fan Story: 'Like A Prayer' in St Paul

madonnalicious reader Phillip has this story to tell of his 'Like A Prayer' experience with Madonna at the two St Paul shows:

I attended both Madonna concerts in St. Paul on November 3 and 4. My partner and I won Golden Triangle tickets both nights! She started late, around 10:45 on both nights. I will never forget either night!
On the first night, I was already loving this concert, especially when Madonna told the crowd to 'Vote No' on the Minnesota marriage amendment! (It failed to pass, so thanks Madonna!)
Then during 'Like A Prayer,' I was standing on the side of the catwalk, and she walked right past me, looked at me, then did a double take. She looked right at me, smiled, and walked right back in front of me and squatted down and put the pic in my face. I sang the whole chorus to her. She actually stopped singing and just watched me and smiled.
I didn't want to rock the boat, so I didn't reach out to touch her, but to my complete shock, as I finished the last line, SHE reached out her hand and gave my hand a squeeze and nodded at me! Guy Oseary was filming the whole thing, and laughed at my reaction, then came up and patted me on the shoulder and said, 'congratulations!'
We were given Golden Triangle tickets the next night. Again, during 'Like A Prayer,' she walked right past me, but then saw me! Her face lit up, she gave me a look, and completely turned around and came right back over to me! I couldn't believe she actually remembered me and liked me singing with her enough to do it again! This time, she actually held my hand for about 3 or 4 seconds while I sang! It was so amazing! If any madonnalicious readers have video of 'Like A Prayer' from either night, I'd love to see it!!! My queen made my dream come true!!!


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totally agree with comments about her lateness!! to me-there is no real excuse!!yes-i understand that sometimes things do happen to make people late-but not every night-with no explanation or apology!!! could you imagine M's fury if she was treated that way???!!!! exactly!!! i once ended up with pnumonia after seeing her at wembley stadium.we missed our last train home & had to sleep on the floor of euston station!!!my friends & family actually thought i was going to die-i was so ill afterwards.not my fondest memory of a madonna gig.xx


Some of the Stans on here may try to defend "Queen" Madonna's ever-increasing tardiness, claiming that we should just be grateful for seeing her live, but it just doesn't wash with me any longer. No, she is just being ill-mannered, arrogant and downright rude.

I recall how late she came on stage during Sticky and Sweet at The O2, resulting in LOTS of people who had PAID to see her having difficulty getting home due to the transport having stopped by the time she finished her show. But that wouldn't affect "Queen" Madge - no, her limo would be outside to whisk her back to her Marylebone (Marble Arch) mansion.

People often have to get up for work the next day and, with her coming on stage at 10:45pm, we are looking at the concert ending around 1am - WTF?

Sorry, but M's disregard for her fans is becoming jawdroppingly apparent - I really hope that Guy Oseary, Liz Rosenberg or even M herself read this. But will she care? Probably not - she's already told us that she "is so worth it" and also sang that she doesn't give a ...

M is increasingly out of touch with her fans. And, before the juvenile phrase appears, I am not "hating on" M - just saying that common manners are sorely lacking in her when it comes to concert start times.

Oh, and what a truly brilliant memory for this fan to have (not the timekeeping aspect, though!)!


@ngl: Agree totally it conflicts with the message of the song, but the attitude and contempt towards the fans is completely reflected in the title, "I Don't Give A ...."!!!


@Gina- You make a valid point about Madonna astonishing lateness for her concerts- it really conflicts with all Madonna's assertions in the MDNA song 'I Don't Give A' where she basically brags about how she is an efficient multi-tasker!!


@Gina: I figure all the "prayers" backstage before the performance are making her later and later... ;-)

@jc: Am I the only person who has absolutely no idea what you are talking about???


That a cool story but 2 night ?? Man what is going on with guy i didn't get the chance to get at least one night and I saw this show 7 times. that no cool. To Guy what is going on ? lol.


What an AMAZING experience!!! You will NEVER forget it! Wow!

But, really - she came on stage at 22:45??? WTF? It'll get to the stage where you buy tickets for, say, the 3rd, and she'll turn up maybe on the 6th.


Phillip! What a great thing for you and her I might add. She obviously felt a union with you. I would love to see some video of that too. There must be someone out there who will upload from those nights.
I do remember her saying that she loves the first 2 weeks and the last 2 weeks of her tour...other than the SA tour, she's getting close and no doubt loving it! Saw her 2 nights in Vegas and she was undeniably happy.


WOW! Phillip is a lucky fan- to have such a positive close encounter with Madonna, not once but twice!! Madonna appears to be more relaxed & ungarded as the tour progresses; she is probably also happy that there is an end in sight after such a LONG Tour.

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