Video: 'I'm A Sinner' technical problems in St Louis
Video: St Louis MDNA Show Speech


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Su'Ellen, we're OK here. Thanks!! I agree with your assessment of her. She's a great artist but she is very cold. All this attention to the imprisoned Russian group (which is fine) but no love for NYC (and Jersey) is crazy. If she donates her $ from her MSG show, then she may redeem herself.


@ngl: agree TOTALLY! In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if M asked the FANS to pledge their $s...just like she did a little while ago for a different cause...


@Will- You raise a very valid point!! So far Madonna has done nothing for the people of New York! Madonna's musical formative years & career began in New York, she made a song in 05 called 'I Love New York' etc, so her lack of any kind of response is disappointing but not really surprising to me. Sadly Madonna still has a cold, ruthless streak- so much for all her talk in the late 90's about Motherhood & Kabbalah changing her into a softer, kinder, more generous person!! As a longtime Madonna fan I've just developed the attitude that she is a Great Artist & I focus on that- I don't have any other extra expectations of her anymore. Neverthless @ Will I hope that you & your loved ones are all OK and bearing up in the wake of that BITCH SANDY!!!


I hope Madonna plans some kind of speech or donates $ to NYC. As a New Yorker myself (born & raised), I'm surprised Madonna hasn't issued a statement about Hurricane Sandy and the devastation it caused. She claims she's a New Yorker at heart but nothing yet from her. Or did I miss something?

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