Madonna Celebrates 30th Anniversary On Billboard Charts
Monte Pittman Shows in Detroit and Cleveland


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I think the ultra-rich should pay more in tax- yes this includes Madonna- however the ultra-rich have amazing accountants that minimise their taxes to a criminal degree! I live in Oz & we have the same problem, one Oz Multi-Billionare only paid $32 tax for the year- when the media asked him about this issue he shamelessly said "It's True! I only paid $32 this year in tax, what's the problem, I didn't break the law! I don't know anyone that would want to pay more tax than they have to, you would have to be an idiot!" Sadly, it falls to the low & middle class to pay the majority of the taxes.

Former Madonna Fan

Liz - SPOT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Support your country, respect your people, work hard to earn your success,

Help each other to try and find that free lunch by reversing the laws of economics I think you mean. lol

But sooner rather than later, it hits the fan. The voter demographics say much from yesterday. It is the PC Crowd vs the rest of us. They won this round but eventually TSHTF, and they start fighting amongst themselves.

Ginny, NYC

Madonna and Obama have a lot in common: both are products of style and illusion over any real substance. And this comes from a Madonna fan 1984- 2008.


I am siner and I like it that way. Tha k you for support democracy and tha k for support Obama. Now is time to work hard and help each other to success.



JC, JC, JC! You think there are only two parties in the US? Then clearly you have been brainwashed like so much of the electorate! That is one of the things that is wrong with this country (USA) - many people think only in terms of Republican or Democrat.

As for your crass, ill-informed and plain incorrect comment:

"Support your country, respect your people, work hard to earn your success, stop hate people just because they are not for your same religion or believes."

1) I do support my country; in fact I was even in the Armed Forces for a while
2) I do respect its people
3) I work my butt off and pay taxes galore
4) I do not hate anyone because of their religion (I am athiest, by the way, and it is up to each person if they want to believe in a God-figure) or beliefs.

Feel rather dumb now, having made all those assumptions, none of which were even implied in my original post?

I just get sick to the back teeth of all these celebs supporting Obama - and let's not forget the VILE thing that arch-Obama supporter, Eva Longoria, said about Republican women! - when they would be the first to wince hard were they asked to pay more in taxes (largely because they can engage expensive accountants to minimise any liabilities).


Well if you didn't vote for no one that means that you don't care about your country, your future and the future of this nation because is obvious you are and anger person who don't know anything about it. You should move to Russia and you will understand how important is democracy. That word liberal you are using that in the wrong way. Education is the key of success. And Obama will help to this happens and to all of you republicans out there. Support your country, respect your people, work hard to earn your success, stop hate people just because they are not for your same religion or believes.


@Lee- I'm from Oz, so I'm just interested to know how you (& other US fans) really feel about Obama winning and what does this actually mean for the average American? I understand your point about Madonna, but this would be true for all celebrities really, it doesn't matter who wins the election for them because with all their wealth it really buffers them from any negative repurcussions.


Well, M - you and all your other Liberal Lefty Luvvies got their wish. But, then, the "fiscal cliff" that approaches in January 2013 won't bother you with your millions and millions, will it? Funny how so many celebs are lefty and, ergo, believe in redistribution of long as it is not theirs, that is.

Oh, and for the record, I voted neither Republican nor Democrat...

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