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@ngl: I wouldn't hold your breath. We're still waiting for a full RIT presentation, after all. IGTTYAS came across as little more than a vanity project about M's life married to Guy.


im sure it was filmed for dvd release in france-about july time. :) xxx


The MDNA tour will be filmed in Brazil or Mexico.


Has Madonna had her MDNA Tour Filmed yet for future DVD release??? If not, I hope the filmed concert gets ALL the extra songs-'Love Spent', 'Holiday', 'Celebration/ Give It 2 Me: Mashup' etc. I hope Madonna keeps adding songs to the setlist.

bitter gay mark

It's interesting that she is mixing it up so much on this tour, isn't it?

As some one else pointed out -- I was beyond thrilled that when I saw her in LA on the 10th of October she had added not only Holiday to our show, but also my favorite MDNA track Love Spent to the set list...

She has never been so fast or loose with her shows before that I recall. It certainly spices things up a bit... I don't ever recall this many changes to a show as it progresses...


No words ! She is the best artist of this World.



The tour does seem to get better and better as different songs are added.......does seem an eternity ago seeing her in Edinburgh, I had really bad seats, nice side on view, so couldn't see the whole back drop, a few songs dropped from the set too because of timing and she was late on stage.
C'est la vie.....loved the show, and this clip is great, the lighting is awesome.......but agree I think there should have been more crowd pleasers in the show, if this was your first M show then I guess you probably came away thinking hmmmmm where are the hits? But for me, it's the 16th time seeing her, was very satisfied.....but the Confessions tour and Blond Ambition are still my faves.....


don't loose hope yet. anything can be possible on the next tour dates. that make Madonna tours special.

Lawrence Stern

And in LA, we got "Holiday" too (in addition to "Love Spent") :)


Madonna continues to be defiant to her critics with her artistic talents and theatrical mouth dropping performances. She is truly a cultural icon and has paved the way for many artists today. Her works are inspirational in many different levels.


This is an interesting mashup, the song is essentially 'Celebration' with 'Give It 2 Me' lyrics popping up here and there, until roughly just after the middle when it is clearly 'Give it 2 me' for a while. It's a shame Madonna did not add one of her uptempo hits, like 'Music' or 'Holiday' to the mashup- they are proven crowd pleasers. In addition to the mashup, 'Celebration' itself sounds a little bit different, and so is the staging. After all these months on tour Madonna must have become a little bored and changed things again. Madonna has really rewarded fans that have waited for longer to see the tour- they now get 'Love Spent' & 'Give It 2 Me', so much the better!

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